Here Comes the Sun…

We have had record breaking rain fall and floods here in the Atlanta area for over a week. While I have kidded about animals lining up two by two and building an Ark, it’s been quite serious. So you when you watch the short video you might think this was some rock concert celebrating the end of the rains…

Not exactly.

It’s the beginning of the 12:45 service at North Point Community Church. The band began with a back drop of rain and lots of rain songs (“Who’ll Stop the Rain” etc.) and then broke into the sweet guitar licks of George Harrison and “Here Comes the Sun.”

So…just enjoy!

Here Comes the Sun…

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  • This was very fun to see today! Love this song… 🙂

  • This was a great way to kick off a service – you felt an instant rapport with everyone that had been sharing the same "rainy experience" for the last 10 days…

  • Jenni Wright

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    Our weather people here in Adelaide Australia said that it would be quite a dry last quarter of the year… ha ha … streets running like rivers, localised flooding etc. I'm so glad they didn't say it would be WET!!

  • James Mann

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    We here in New Brunswick Canada had more rain this year than we have had on record which also increased the number of mosquitoes by 10 fold. The worst year on record for them as well.

    There was so much rain this summer that our garden along with everyone else we know that have gardens suffered because of mostly flood conditions.

    It has given me more time for article marketing as I was in the house a whole lot more this summer.

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