Have You Ever…?

Have you ever been to a workshop where:

  • There are 4 different learning tracks – Beginners 1, Beginners 2, Intermediate and Advanced?
  • There is no pitching from the stage, only instruction?
  • The instructors (18+ of them) don’t “speak and run” but stay around to the entire weekend dedicated to helping you every waking moment?
  • An info product is created right in front of you on Day 2?
  • You can begin to sell that product on Day 2 keeping 100% of the affiliate commission?
  • 117 sales were made by 5 pm on the 3rd day – 7 people made their first sale EVER?
  • The winner of the contest made 26 sales at 100% commission and won 20K in prizes donated by the instructors? (more about this at another time)

I’m describing the Niche Affiliate Marketing Seminar in Atlanta, affectionately called NAMS. NAMS 4 is right around the corner on August 20-23 and I can save you $300 off the cost of your registration, BUT ONLY UNTIL June 14th when registration closes! (How many workshops do you know of that are sold out 2 MONTHS before they begin?)

Go here to get the Full Story and come on board. When you register please use Coupon Code NAMS4MAY to save a full $300 off the price of registration for 3 full days of instruction from speakers at the top of their game and networking with fellow live hearts and live minds.

P.S. If you are wondering about the crazy picture above, you’ll have to come to NAMS to get the full story…for now just know that I have this crazy belief that you should have FUN while learning…

P.P.S. When you come to NAMS 4 thru the link above you will also be able to come to our Day After NAMS Social Marketing Blueprint Workshop, on us! (A $97 value…I’m just sayin’)

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