Happy New Year – 90 Days from Now…

HAPPY NEW YEAR! to everyone…and here is a New Year’s Gift for you, designed get you started on a very FINE ’09!

Goals: What Would You Like to Accomplish in the Next 90 Days?

“What would you like to accomplish in the next 90 days?”

Once you have answered that question, here are 10 steps to get you there.

1. Ninety days

Choose something that you would like to accomplish or change within the next 90 days. Ninety days is a much more manageable length of time than a year and allows us to enjoy reaching our goals more often.

2. What to subtract

What is currently in your life that you would be willing to commit to not being there 90 days from now?

3. What to add

What is currently not in your life that you would be willing to commit to having in your life 90 days from now?

4. Choose one

Whether it is something to remove from or add to your life, pick just one thing to accomplish in the next 90 days.    While it’s great to have as many goals as you might want, it’s best to choose just one thing to focus on.

5. Write it down

It does not matter how strong your memory might be, it’s still not as strong as the weakest ink. There is power in writing things down because it reminds you of where you want to go. So when life gets busy and stressful (as in most of the time), you are much less likely to get distracted long enough to lose your focus.

6. Find a model

Find people who have done what you want to do and follow the trail they have left. Success always leaves a trail that if we learn how to follow can save us frustration and time.

7. Create a map

If you wanted to travel across unfamiliar territory you would consult a map. Here are the two most powerful steps to creating your own map. Ask yourself “What are all the necessary actions I need to take to get to where I want to go?” and write down the actions you decide on and follow them. Doing this allows you to:

8. Be consistent

It’s rarely one big effort that helps us achieve our goals. More often, it’s small consistent actions taken each and every day.

9. Schedule a future action

Whatever your goal may be, right now, today, schedule a future action that anticipates the completion of your goal. If you want to get rid of a certain amount of weight, schedule a shopping trip to buy the clothing that will fit on that day. If your goal is to save or invest a certain amount of money, fill out the deposit slip now and schedule time on that future date to make the deposit.

10. Maintain and celebrate

Once you accomplish a goal, it’s all too easy to cross the finish line and stop doing all the things that got you where you wanted to go. We need to keep doing what has worked, and perhaps do even more of it.

While you are doing this, celebrate.

One of the best things about achieving goals is celebrating how far you have come. It’s fun, and it builds momentum for the next 90 days.

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Jeff Herring

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  • Hi Jeff,
    Great tips! To that end, I just want to tell you that I've submitted two articles to Ezine articles using what I've learned from you! These include your template (I hope I did it right!) and resource box suggestion about New Year's Resolutions and tweeted them. Now I have to go and write more articles from those articles. Thanks for all the great suggestions. I'm hoping they make a big difference in my list-building efforts.
    Have a happy and prosperous New Year!

  • Great tips Jeff. I just started doing the 'map' thing and it's really been helping to break things down into steps so the process doesn't seem so overwhelming.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Happy New Year to you.

  • Hey Jeff,
    Really appreciate that last short meeting you provided, just before the Holiday… I did an article over at EzineArticles, it was posted automatically, and am enjoying some interesting new tweets as a result! Have a great year, look forward to seeing you again in 09-

  • Jeff,

    I find it interesting that you should post this topic at this time because today is the 1st day of my 100-day blitz in my Mary Kay business. The major portion of this is currently offline, but with Article Writing, Attraction Marketing etc. my goal is to expand the online portion significantly during this time. At the same time I'm embarking on a 90-day blitz with Send Out Cards. Consistency has always been one of my challenges so I'm now working with a Power Partner who will hold me accountable for my daily activities.

    Thanks and all the best!

  • Hi Jeff
    Great idea to start the New Year! Yep. Pick just one. I am a big believer in that. Your post helps me sharpen the point on that even more. As one of the first 100 charter members of your AM Teleseminar club I look forward to working with you in this very exciting new year of 2009.


  • Rory

    Reply Reply

    Jeff –

    Nicely expanded points here on setting, measuring, and reaching goals for the New Year (well, 90 days right now). Very important to set goals and stick to a specific time.

    Me? I have a lot of goals set for 2009, and the next 90 days. Sticking with a theme here, I will commit to content:

    1. Write more articles
    2. Active blogging
    3. Teleseminars (gulp, like I said before).

    I know you said pick 1 – but hey – I'm an overachiever and I don't follow rules very well. LOL

    But if I had to break it down to one – I'd follow what I've learned from you and Alex:: Consistency.

    Doing ordinary things consistency leads to extraordinary results.


  • Mike Jones

    Reply Reply

    Great blog posting. This really sets us up for a great 2009. I will pass this on to my course participants. Thanks Jeff and thanks for setting me up for a great 2009.

  • Andrew Poletto

    Reply Reply

    Great stuff Jeff! Thanks and Happy New Year!

  • Imagine this… A post on setting 90 day goals by the ever popular JEFF HERRING? Sheesh, Jeff, give it up! Motivation on day 1 of the year? It's depressing, every time I open up my email box, there's another article, another motivational comment, or another DRIVING reminder that I should be WRITING articles… (Don't you DARE take me off your email list for this! LOL)

    I personally think it's dispicable that you go after people and DRIVE them to attain their goal, shoot for the stars, and write more articles so consistently. After all, you could leave SOME of the good ideas for me to think of, after I awaken from my Youth Group induced stupor and lack of sleep.

    Happy New YEAR!!! Get back to writing – will ya!!!


  • Thanks for the overview! I look forward to 2009! The most important thing is to make something a habit. We already have habits. We just have to insert new ones. I`ve read that if we do something for 30 days straight, then it becomes a habit.

    Happy New Year…Mike

  • Thanks for the reminder to set smaller goals along the way. The 90 day segments make it easy to evaluate your progress and reset your course if necessary.

  • Linda Hampton

    Reply Reply

    What a great post Jeff. I've been looking for the right format to write down my goals. I don't do New Years resolutions because they seems so temporary to me. I hadn't found the right format or way to focus my goals yet until I read this post. Many of the goal writing solutions I looked at were either much too long for me or not focused enough. Just like Goldilocks in the 3 bears this one was just right and has some the best ways for me focus.

    So guess what I'll be doing today.

  • Subtract! I DO have stuff to subtract and will do it over the next 90 days. Great suggestion. Knowing what you don't want is as important as knowing what you do want!

  • Georgia Woodward

    Reply Reply

    90 days is a different way to look at the future year ahead. Thank you for the insight.

  • Tom Frascone

    Reply Reply

    Subtract: 15 pounds. Basically, 1 pound a week. Very attainable. With a healthier weight comes more energy to write more articles!

  • Connie

    Reply Reply

    Awesome way to being 2009. You help me keep focused. Thank you for that. Have a wonderful and very successful 2009!! Keep writing on!! 🙂

  • After completing the exercise, what was really revealing is that I subconsciously avoided an area that I'm working with, and created a new exciting goal to play with instead. Here's to turning work into play.

  • Good ideas. I want to add income and subtract some stuff around the house. Sounds simple (and do-able) when you break it down to 90 days!

  • I have several goals, all broken down into chunks, but for this I had to choose one, the no matter what one. I did. When I accomplish it in 90 days, then I will ramp it up so that by the time all four quarters of the year are done, I've not only accomplished but overachieved! Hey, maybe I'll do the same thing with a new project I have set out for the year which while "chunked" lacks the simplicity of this format. Thank you.

  • Thanks, Jeff! I was so inspired by your article I immediately added a new section for 90-day goals to my writing goals at SuperViva:


    I felt my goals were already very focused, but when I did this it blew the remaining clutter and cobwebs out of my brain.

    I also created a "Do It In 90!" image for that page that I'll be looking at every day.

    I placed a link on my 90-day goal page back to your blog post as a thank you.

  • Yavor

    Reply Reply

    I like the part about finding a model. In fact, yesterday I had a post just about this.

    Also, your article templates are a good example of following a model.

  • ann keeler evans

    Reply Reply

    There's something about Jeff! my goal, to live as well as to work at home is being apportioned and sectioned as we speak. what's so great about listening to you (nice 25 minute blast). is that i was pushed, empowered, emboldened, you name it, to go do a stupid little task that makes me so much more creditable. and i was not doing it because… ? it was techological, or something, i didn't know how. and boom. gone. done. next problem… i often come away from your work, do a quick action and then sit there thinking, why didn't i do that last week/month/year? ah well. i hear and i do, oh great leader. thanks a lot. and if i could do this project with the fog in my head from this cold, you guys can do anything at all! best in 2009 to all!

  • ann keeler evans

    Reply Reply

    huh, so i pushed the button and then thought, wow, some things that i want to call goals are really just little tasks.. i make them too big. could be i'm the only person with that problem, but maybe not. somehow if it feels too important, it's harder to get to than things on the list with take out the trash, pick up milk, write article, post to blog, call web guy. just thinkin'

  • Kantis

    Reply Reply

    This was great Jeff!!!
    I just finished listening to the playback teleseminar. You have my first work day of the year fueled with direction. thanks!

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