G*U*T*S TV – Episode #5 – The Origin of G*U*T*S – Go Use This Stuff! and a Special Invitation

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Jeff Herring

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  • April Gregory

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    Love the video. GUTS is so appropriate for what you teach because I’ve not done half of what you teach and have received amazing results. That was phase one (my toe dipper approach) to see “if” this stuff works and yes it DOES). Now, I look forward to my next level of on-line success [especially after last nights teleseminar].

  • Miguel Cura

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    Isn’t it amazing how the Head-Smack of Inspiration just happens?
    “I could’ve had a V8.”
    “Slice the bread BEFORE selling it.”
    “The article IS the blog post!”
    Good stuff, Jeff.

  • Sunny James

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    this is Sunny James from Pennsylvania
    as always you give good valuable information
    to help others accomplish what they want in their business
    keep up the great work.
    Sunny James

  • Jeff Herring

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    April – YAY I’m proud of you – keep it going – gonna be fun to see how far you go!

    ~ Jeff

  • Lesley "Wes" WIlson-Klatt

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    Hi Jeff!

    I always enjoy your emails and content.

    We all get so much info that i IS tempting to file it away for later. In fact info overload forces us to that in most cases.

    G*U*T*S makes me think twice and take action!

    Thank you for your help along the way…


  • Judy

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    I love the GUTS philosophy. I want an acronym too. Any suggestions?


  • Maybe you should make changes to the post name title G*U*T*S TV – Episode #5 – The Origin of G*U*T*S – Go Use This Stuff! and a Special Invitation :: Article Marketing – Articles & Videos on Article Marketing – Jeff Herring's Blog to something more catching for your subject you write. I loved the blog post all the same.

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