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  • Article Repurposing Workshop – Jeff Herring – Monday
  • Relationship Building with Social Media – Travis Greenlee – Tuesday
  • Article Marketing & Social Media – Chris Knight – Wednesday
  • Easy Ebook Product Creation – Maritza Parra – Thursday
  • Sales Copy from the Heart – Judith & Jim – Friday

5 Great TeleSeminar in 5 Days – All Free – All with Audio Replays available.

Where else but Great TeleSeminar Week!?!

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  • I like that "The Money Talk". A lot of us spend time connecting, engaging but avoid making the offer. I like the idea of creating natural intersections where my client's need crosses what I offer. And, creating frequent natural intersections so that my prospect or client has the opportunity to choose to remain in need of what I offer until later or to engage my services.

    It also helps that I see my self as a personal shopper – I study the needs of my ideal client and present my offer as a solution to what I already know they need. I rarely get rebuffed because I've made an offer. I don't always hear "yes" but that's part of the process. Sometimes it's "later". And, I have always learned more about my ideal client from ever intersection of the prospects need crossing with my offer.

    I hope I can make it to this call – it sounds really interesting! Usually I can count on any recommendation by Jeff to be a great one!

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