Great Content – The 3 Most Profit Sucking Mistakes Made When Creating Great Content

money in wastebasketThe goal of creating great content is to then get your content out there, so you can cash in on your content.

And you do want to cash in on your content, don’t you?


3 Big Mistakes

Yet somewhere in that space between creating great content and getting it out there, far too many entrepreneurs get stopped by the 3 following big mistakes.

Let’s take a closer look at these 3 big mistakes and then, most importantly, what to do instead.


Content Mistake #1 – Fear – I see this happen all the time. People are afraid to get their content out there because someone might (gasp) criticize it. I’ve seen hundreds of students with tons of content siting in their draft folders because they were afraid of any possible criticism.


What to do instead: Realize that you will receive criticism. It’s a price I willingly pay for all the benefits of having content online.

And it’s a good thing to be criticized. It means you are getting found online, and that is a very good thing.

So remember these wise words, paraphrasing the great Zig Ziglar:

“Ignore the trolls who do nothing but criticize. The only taste of success they will ever get is the bite they take out of you.”


Content Mistake #2 – Procrastination – You procrastinate. I procrastinate. All God’s children procrastinate. It’s human nature, and actually feels good. Temporarily.

Here comes a great tip that you will get to use before your head hits the pillow tonight, because you will once again be tempted to procrastinate before this day is over.


What to do instead: The next time you are tempted to procrastinate (probably later today) simply put it off. Tell yourself that you will do it now and procrastinate later. It gets you laughing, and it works.


Content Mistake #3 – Perfectionism – A very close cousin to procrastination. Most perfectionists somehow believe they are being noble. The reality is I would much rather have my not quite perfect but still great content working for me online 24 hours a day than someone else’s not quite perfect but it will be next month or next year content sitting on a hard drive doing no one any good. (That was a long sentence, yes?)


What to do instead: So I’m about to go from preaching to meddling and step on a few toes. Consider yourself warned.

I’m here to tell you, perfectionism is not noble. In fact, perfectionism is selfish.

“Oh c’mon, Jeff, how can perfectionism selfish?”

Perfectionism is selfish because it deprives the world of you and your life changing message.

When you get rid of fear, procrastination and perfectionism, you get to unleash your content, make a difference in your world, and even cash in on your content.


Bonus Tip The best way to consistently beat fear, procrastination and perfectionism with your content is to use content creation templates.

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Brought to you by Jeff Herring – dedicated to helping you unleash and cash in on your content.

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