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Friday November 21st and Saturday November 22nd are
The Great Article Marketing Blog Q & A Days!

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  • In my opinion, no. The first thing you want to do is go deep on – and by deep I mean at least 25 articles around your topic – EzineArticles gets 10 million unique visitors a month and is the number one Article Directory. You do not have to worry about "duplicate content" penalties when you submit your same article to other directories.

    After you have gone deep on EzineArticles then you can go to and that is all you really need to do.

    Also make sure you set up your EzineArticles account to automatically send an alert to your Twitter account each time an article is accepted.


  • Tracey

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    Hey, Jeff,

    My question is about keywords in article titles.I’m looking for a rule of thumb: how to choose between popular keywords with lots of competition vs. not-so-popular popular keywords with less competition. (Competition is measured by Google’s keyword tool.)

    Which is a better choice for the initial keywords in this title:
    [quote]“First Date Ideas: How to Talk to Women on a First Dinner Date—10 Tips”?[/quote]

    1) “Dating advice” which has an average search volume of 90,000 /month and 100% competition (meaning the competion bar in Google’s keyword tool is 100% green)


    2)“First date ideas” which has an average search volume of 12,000 /month and 80% competition.

    BTW, “How to Talk to Women” is a keyword phrase with no competition.

    For a different article, how about this pair?

    a) “good conversation”– 9,900 average searches; 55% competition

    b) “great conversation”– 5,400 and 20% competition

    Do you think it would it be worth my time to write a third article using the keywords “conversation starters date” which has only 1,000 searches and no competition?

    Thanks for your expertise.

  • Jeff,
    Met you in LA at Fusion and with Alex, really appreciate your transformational insights, your energy and your practical tips. – This question is about a significantly frustrating problem that has occurred twice now with EzineArticles, and if it has happened to me, other may experience that same set back as well.

    I start my work right there on their platform and draft my article carefully with their spell checker, their auto save function, preview it, and hit submit… therein is the rub – the article on one occasion simply disappeared, was gone. On another occasion I was all happy it was done, saw it in the to-be-reviewed list [had two under review already], went to clean up all the saves/drafts I had been working on, and bingo deleted that one somehow. The Big Question is simple: Is there some basic rule I am missing?

    After the first loss I saved several articles, then with each went back and submitted them from the saved category. With the last one I felt reassured, it was done, didn't save it, but saw it in the review list, so set about cleaning up my 'work table' and boom…gonesville. My enthusiasm for your plan of many articles is considerably dampened –

    Can you help me get past this hump, – this problem of auto rejection?

  • Duncan Brodie

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    Thanks Jeff. Really appreciate your step by step instructions and have updated my profile.

  • Jeff,
    One other thing: I have followed your idea of 7 Tips, then have followed up with 7 Tips on each of the first 7 Tips – much detail to write about. The big question now: how to organize the topics, as they are so close to each other as stand alones, but serve a different topic within each subtopic. The titles have been rejected because I am putting extra numbers in the titles e.g. ADD-ADHD Medications: 7 Tips on finding the Bottom of the Therapeutic Window.

    Then each of those 7 tips hits the same subject line, the Bottom, but refers back to a different point about that bottom. Probably loosing your in the explanation… but if I can clarify this I have about 140 articles done in my brain, just need to get that title thing solved… any ideas how to un-confuse my readers on the titles?

    Thanks again!

  • Jeff,
    On average, how many backlinks do you try to get to your articles to move them up in the search engines? Thanks.

  • Hi Chuck!

    How frustrating – I don't know what is happening there. I suggest sending your question in to EzineArticles for support, they need to know about this if it is on their end, AND so you can get it fixed.

    Sorry I can't be of more help, and thanks for your kind comments about Fusion. I enjoyed meeting you too.


  • As long as the content of the article is different, you should be ok. Does look like you will need to change the titles around.

    One way to do that is to ask a question about the specific point in your title.

    For example: ASS-ADHD: Can You Find the Bottom of the Therapeutic WIndow with ADD Medication?

    Also, watch your email and this space for an announcement, as I'll be doing a special After Thanksgiving Friday mini-teleseminar on titles and more.

    Thanks for your questions, Chuck!


  • First of all, applause for doing your key word research!

    Now, ready to do some work? Cuz my suggestion is to write articles for ALL those keywords and ALL those titles. Lots of work, but worth it cuz you are covering all options.

    Better quit reading and get to work, huh :)?


  • Hi Tom!

    I don't shoot for any particular number of backlinks. I simply crank out lots of great articles and let them do their work.


  • If you are coming up with cool ideas every couple of days AND then turning those cool ideas into articles that you get published, then you are doing pretty good.

    One strategy to come up with even more ideas from the articles you are writing it to keep a pad of paper handy, or notepad open on your computer, and as each article gives you more ideas, jot those down as more article ideas. This becomes exponential very quickly.


  • Keep doing what you are doing until something gets rejected. There is a difference between "don't like" and "won't accept."

    Just make sure your "child" articles are significantly different from your "parent" articles, and you should be able to keep creating one big happy family of articles.

    As for whether or not you are a bad girl, I do not know you well enough to answer that…care to confess anything?


  • Many thanks Jeff for that excellent idea, and will keep my eyes peeled for the mini teleseminar on titles.

  • on keywords in Articles: cool answer Jeff, answers a bunch of questions!

  • Al Speer

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    Hey Jeff,
    This is totally cool! Thanks for the great opportunity. My biggest question about writing articles is … I only come up with 'cool' article ideas and topics every couple of days. How do I come up with a topic every day – that I feel adds value and relevance and is compelling enough for my readers?

    Thanks again Jeff!

  • Tracey

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    All righty, then! 'Scuse me, I gotta go write!

    Thanks, Jeff.

  • Ann Keeler Evans

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    hookay… i've been a big fan of your 1 article = 8 strategy, using it quite effectively to build my article base. but then this morning they had this ezine twitter blast about how parent and child articles are a bad thing. and so i wrote wow? parent? child? say more. and they said (stupid) we don't mean actual articles about parents and children we mean parent child articles. so is that one article = 8 is a bad idea or is that something else? confusing… and here i am working away on a one article = 11 at the moment. am i now a bad girl? or are they not explaining themselves very well?

  • Anca Martalog,N.D.

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    As you may remember, I'm an expert in my field, and have been writting for over 15 yrs; I'm published in local newspoapers, magazines, etc….
    Every couple of weeks my articles are rejected from Ezinearticles, foolowed by me being banned from publishing for about 2wk's…under the pretense thst my latest article "doesn't belong" to me…?
    What can I do with these guys at ezines? They are really starting to get on my nerves…My articles have been out for so long….how can I control what's been happening to their content?
    I'm usually re-twiking some of the old ones and once a day I write a new one, as you suggested.
    Is there a way to check for duplicate content BEFORE submitting an article to Ezine, so I don't get banned so often? This is not happening with any of the other directories, like amazines; Is this happening to you at all with Ezines and Goarticles? Thanx!
    P.S.: When is you new Mentorship course starting?Are we, as alumni, still invited? I think I need a refresher…

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