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Chris Knight of Ezine Articles offers some very practical advice on a recent post in the Ezine Article Blog.His advice is to update your 10 most viewed articles, and here are his recommended steps for doing so:
  1. Log in to your EzineArticles Membership account.
  3. If you have more than one author name in your account, click the author name that has the most aggregate article views.
  4. Sort by Most Viewed and make a note of your top 10 or so articles by view count or use the PRINT VIEW to print out a friendly version of your most viewed articles.
  5. Edit each one of these articles, giving each of them a 10 minute value-added makeover in the article body. Include additional tips or insights that you’ve discovered since you originally wrote the article. Attempt to make each of your top 10 articles more “comprehensive” without empty verbosity.

    And I would add also update your Resource Box with the strategies you have been learning on the Article Guy TeleSeminars – see

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