Got Video? – How to Use Video in Your Sales Letters & Blog with Mike Stewart – The Internet Video Guy

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Mike Stewart is the Internet Video Guy and the creator of Word Press Video Sales Letters.

During this 90 minute teleseminar Mike reveals how to get in on the beginning of the video marketing wave and how to create Video Sales Letters for your products and services.

Click here to discover how you can get started with Video Sales Letters today!

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Jeff Herring

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  • That was so informative and helpful!

    You and Mike have got such an easy-going, easy to understand approach… every time I hear or read you I gain more skills! Thank you!


  • Hi,
    Great call. I just put up my first video from
    Mike’s wonderful teaching. It has taken me well
    over a year to walk through some hoops in the
    “how to” but I immersed myself in the process, and
    know that it will be easier with more practice.
    Mike makes the process of editing “user friendly,”
    but it does take practice.
    Thanks for the call, Jeff, and thanks Mike for
    making it possible to create with video!

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