Got Traffic? – You Will When You Get Article Marketing, the Best Free Traffic Generation Strategy

Article Marketing is absolutely the best free strategy to use to have endless waves of  traffic flowing into your web sites and blogs.

I could stop with just that sentence above, and if you took action on it, that could be all I need to say. But since that would not meet the minimum word count for an article, I’m going to spend the rest of the article backing up the opening statement of this article.

Here’s Proof

I have one article on that was written, submitted and published in August of 2005. Because I pay attention to my article stats, I know that one article still receives an average of 1,500 new views a month.

That’s an article I wrote years ago that is still driving a large amount of traffic to one of my web sites. And it is free.

Let’s compare this amount of traffic to, let’s say, a Google Ad. Let’s say for sake of clean and easy numbers, that I paid 25 cents for each click on my Google Ad. (A fairly realistic number.)

To get the same 1500 viewers I would need to pay $375 a month (.25 per click multiplied by 1500).

Not only do I get the same response from an article, and get it for free, the value of the prospect is higher. With a Google Ad, you get 4 short lines of text and a link. With an article you get 300 – 500 words to demonstrate a slice of your expertise. Your prospect gets to see how you approach and solve problems, and the process of “know, like and trust” has begun.

And when you submit many articles, you stack them one upon another to create waves of  traffic for you. Because of this very process, I could not stop the traffic coming into my web sites and blogs if I wanted to, and I’m here to tell ya, I sure don’t want to.

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