Article Marketing Guy Presents – SUNDAY MORNING INSPIRATION – Going Further…Again

I’ve offered this one for you before…it’s an oldie but a goodie

I watch this one about once a month, just as a check on myself. Sometimes we tell ourselves that we can’t do anymore, can’t go any further. Then we make the mistake of believing ourselves. Don’t believe everything you think. We can always go further, achieve more, than we ever thought possible…

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  • Always a high impact video… Going the distance is sometimes more effort than we’re ready to spend, but the end result is always worth the effort. Just give it one more try!

  • Wow…just what I needed…again! thanks Jeff!!

  • Dan Morris

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    Ya know, football movies are so . . . perhaps formulaic is the right word. You enter the theater knowing an underdog is going to win.

    But unlike action movies and comedies, there’s almost always something you can gain from hearing the inspiring words of a good coach. Whether it’s this scene, that gave me goosebumps, or scenes in Rudy – it’s feeling the power of that positive message.

    And one of the great things about football itself, is you always know there’s a chance the team will come out after half-time and play like they’ve never played before. When that happens, someone will always ponder “I wonder what the coach said to them in the locker room”.

    I know this clip makes you think about keeping at it and not giving up in your business. That’s obvious. But aside from that personal introspection you just had, are you also thinking about how you can be a better “coach” to those around you? There’s so much power in seeing determination in the eyes of others.

    • rachel speal

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      My feelings exactly. Notice what made him an effective coach:
      1) He asked his player to give him his personal best – not someone else’s “best.”
      2) He broke the task down into manageable steps (only 40 more steps, only 50 more, etc.)
      3) He stayed with his player the whole time to support his efforts.
      4) He was quite strong with him – even shouting at him – but it was all positive.
      5) He “demystified” the whole process by explaining to him exactly how that smaller success could lead to bigger ones.

      @Dan, I disagree with you on one thing only: the power lies not in seeing the determination in the eyes of others, but in seeing their success.

      • Dan Morris

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        Hmm. . . That’s interesting Rachel.

        I don’t disagree with your “counter-point”; I think yours may be better stated.

        Do you remember the swimmer in the Olympics whose country sent him because they had a rightful spot – but he couldn’t really swim? He had to go 4 lengths of a 50 yard pool. I think it took him 10 minutes, and it looked agonizing. But for those entire 10 minutes, the crowd was on its feet, clapping, roaring, cheering. . .

        It was feeling the determination, that drive, that special something you know they’re reaching way down deep to get. I think the crowd knew he’d finish, like you said, they wanted that rush when you see someone succeed. And he did. And I still remember that feeling. I hope he does, too.

  • Carole Marek

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    That’s amazing, thanks Jeff – I shall be showing this to my students tomorrow!


  • Just this morning I was wondering if I had anything left…I believe I do. Thanks Jeff.

  • Sunny James

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    Hi Jeff
    this is an excellent example of what can be achieved when we give it our all

    Jeff thanks for sharing
    Sunny James

  • Lish

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    I cried for Brock(?), and then I cried for myself. We never know how much we can bear until we’ve reached the end zone. Amazing that often times, it’s more than we thought. To think I almost didn’t open the e-mail; so glad I did!

  • Lillian

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    I cried for Brock(?), and then I cried for myself. We never know how much we can bear until we’ve reached the end zone. Amazing that often times, it’s more than we thought. To think I almost didn’t open the e-mail; so glad I did!

  • Wow, Jeff! This is such a great clip. So many inspirational thoughts:

    -the power of a big goal
    -taking just a even a few more steps, even if you are tired
    -reaching deep inside to give it your all
    -the power of having a good coach who is cheering us on every step of the way
    -giving your word to do your best
    -the willingness to aim beyond a level you have achieved before, even if you are not sure how you will achieve it
    -the encouragement of a friend or a coach at a timely moment….

    Thanks for sharing this with us today, Jeff!


  • Rick Carter

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    Damn it, Jeff!
    I am a grown man, and every week – every WEEK! – you put a lump in my throat!

    Actually, this reminds of one of my “Belt” tests in karate. The sensei (teacher) had me get into a pushup position – push up half way – then said “stay there” and walked over to start testing another belt level. And I knew that I couldn’t ask how long I had to hold that position, b/c that would be instant fail. And I couldn’t drop, b/c that would be instant fail.

    I passed. But at the end, it was like the last 10 yards of this video!

    Thank you
    Rick Carter

  • Elizabeth Barhydt

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    great job

    Don’t quit no matter what happens
    Good reminder

    Life is good I am bessed

  • Mary Barnett

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    I was feeling so alone in my enterprise today and soooo needed this. thank you

    • Mary, I’ve heard it said that there’s no one lonelier than the entrepreneur… We have our big dreams and it’s up to us to make it happen. Like in this clip, I think that’s why having a coach who sees more for you and your business than you can possibly see for yourself (and who pushes you) is really important!

  • Jeff,

    Your timing on this inspirational piece is astonishing! I’ll explain shortly.

    Love and appreciation to you and Maritza,

    • Columbia, would love to hear it and we’re so glad – that’s what Jeff’s Sunday morning posts are for!

  • Terrie Marie

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    Thank you. these 2 words are not enough they are the only I have…thank you.

  • Barbara Hawkins

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    What an awesome clip! Shows how keeping our eyes focused on the goal, ‘the prize’, gives us power beyond reason. Thank you for sharing this Jeff.

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