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Here is Part Three of the 4 Part Series on the importance of building Online Visibility with Social Media and Social Marketing.

Get Traffic – One of the beauties of having many sign posts in your Social Marketing system is that you can use these signpost to direct the prospect (traffic) where you want them to go, which is to access more information from you.

In this way you are not chasing traffic, you are getting yourself if front of where the traffic is going and then directing it where you want it to go. When you master the skill of directing traffic where you want it to do you become more powerful in your business because you are no longer hoping traffic will go where you want it to go you know it will go where you want it to go…

Coming Tomorrow: Get Profits with Social Marketing, and you can read the entire article when you click here.

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Jeff Herring

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  • Jeff Herring

    Reply Reply

    Use this tips only if you want to be in command of where you send traffic 😉

  • Terry Allison

    Reply Reply

    Hey Jeff,

    Great series of posts on getting Found and Viewed resulting in getting Traffic that leads to Profits. Simple concept that just needs implementation, which is where most of us fall short. Thanks for the motivation and tools you provide to make it happen.


    Terry at Strategic Marketing Services

  • Janice

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    This step reminds me of the image of a fork in the road, and everyone is going to the left. So, you don’t stand on the right and yell, “Over here! Great offer over here! Turn around!”

    Instead, you stand in the stream of travelers and say, “Here, this is just what you need, right along this way you’re already going.”

    Or, like those no-left-turn states such as New Jersey: Instead of asking the traffic to come to a complete stop in the intersection and wait anxiously to turn (wondering why you are risking life and limb), the traffic continues to flow easily around a cloverleaf and then, safely and logically, goes straight on in the desired direction.

    How about that title– “Social Media Marketing Lessons from New Jersey!” lol

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