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Here is Part Four of the 4 Part Series on the importance of building Online Visibility with Social Media and Social Marketing.

Get Profits – When traffic is properly directed it turns into profits. If getting found is the most important thing in Social Marketing, then what the prospect finds once they get there is a very close second. When the prospect finds more good information from you that is helpful to them, followed by an offer of a paid resource that is going to help them even more, they are much more likely to buy from you.

Think about it – if you show your prospect lots of good information that helps them and leaves them feeling good about their interaction with you, making a sale is going to be an easy next step.

Bonus Tip: When your prospect sees you in multiple places online, you are seen as the expert and they feel like they have spent lots of time with you. Which allows them to trust you and spend lots of money with you.

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