Get More Traffic From Tweeting? (Say That 3x Fast)

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Practical Social Marketing Tips – Can You Really Get More Traffic From Tweeting? (Say That 3x Fast)

So is Social Marketing just a fad? Can you really get more traffic from Twitter? Read on to discover the answers to these questions and strategies for getting traffic from tweeting.

Is Social Marketing a Fad?

I still get that question every now and then. And it’s no wonder, what with a few big name guru marketers, who should know better, still saying it’s a fad.

The reality is it’s not a fad. The reality is it’s the future. And the future is here now.

Can you get more traffic from Twitter?

Yes. All day every day.

Consider these facts:

  • What if you could get access to anyone’s list, from big name marketers all the way to niche experts with small lists, and everyone in between? And then invite them on to your list? Would that be a cool thing? A resounding YES! will do. That’s exactly what you can do on Twitter. You can get a look at the list of anyone’s followers and it they are a good fit, follow them and invite them to follow you. Think that’ll bring you some traffic? Another resounding YES! will do.
  • Do you get it that your Twitter Followers is a marketing list just like your email list? And in my experience so far, and that of many of my students, members and colleagues, a more responsive list than an email list.
  • Do you have an opt-in page? Why not occasionally invite your Twitter followers to check out the resources they can get from your opt-in page?
  • Do you write articles? Why not mention them on Twitter and provide links back to your website and/or the article directory where you have the article, with links back to your site of course. Quote your articles and provide the same links. Refer to your articles in answer to questions on Twitter.
  • Do you have a blog? Invite your Twitter followers to check out your new blog post and comment and share on your blog.
  • Do you have a YouTube Channel? Why not invite your Twitter followers to check out your most recent video?

All of these strategies and so many more can be used to get a tremendous amount of traffic from Twitter.

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