Article Marketing Guy Presents Another SUNDAY MORNING INSPIRATION: Get Busy!

Your decision…

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  • Either choice is really better than being stuck square in the middle…choice implies action and that’s where the power is. Happy Sunday to you!

    • Thank you Jean. I say which side of the fence are you on You can not sit on the fence You Must make a choice – Do Good (God) or die. Time to choose ~ Many blessings bee yours! KangenKat

  • Brian

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    Maybe better to ask to define Living and define dying?

    • Hi Brian might want to check out the oldest book for more clarity on that. It’s called The Bible
      Very clear ~ Many Blessings to all this day. KangenKat

  • Short, concise and to the point. Unfortunately, most people will take the latter. Thanks Jeff.

  • I lay in my hospital bed in 2004 after a minor heart attack and a (woman) doctor came in to examine me. She said something very profound (for me). She said “you’re lying in a bed and you’ll die someday. You have 2 choices. You can either keep lying in bed — and die OR you can get up and get on with your life — and die. It’s your choice — lie in bed and die (someday) OR get up and get on with living and die (someday).

    I’ve started writing a book called “Get Up and Get Going” because of this.

    You ALWAYS have choice!

    • Awesome inspiration Trudy! Let us know when your book is finished! Facebook me Katrina Bee, Sacramento. Many Blessings! KangenKat

    • Trudy, Thank you for sharing your truly inspirational story! I second Katrina, let us know when your book is done! ๐Ÿ™‚ Love & hugs! Maritza

  • I’m busy doing both! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Mtn Jim

  • “Shawshank Redemption” is great movie in my view and that scene was certainly one of the most poignant moments. And busy Mr. Dufresne did indeed get!


    • Mike, yes, Andy is the epitome of “baby steps” to reach your goals… or in his case “baby handfuls of earth”

  • I love this Movie! But it is so true. In addition to this one, many life lessons in this movie. Lessons about hope, perseverance, courage and more.

    Thanks for sharing Jeff!

  • Nicola Hilton

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    Yes, this life lesson is profound. It’s amazing (or is it) that the more you open your mind to life lessons the more you find them. They are everywhere, even where we don’t expect them.

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