Freedom From & Freedom To – for Entrepreneurs

Each year as America celebrates Independence Day I like to put together a Freedom From – Freedom To post for entrepreneurs. Here’s the Freedom From – Freedom To installment for Independence Day 2014:
Having a Boss – I’ve never been one to take orders well, especially if they made no sense to me. One of the greatest things about being an entrepreneur is being your own boss. So you do, in fact, have a boss. Hopefully one whose orders you understand 🙂
Checking your email first thing everyday – When you check your email first thing everyday you are starting your day based on someone else’s agenda. Sort of like having a job, right? As an entrepreneur you get to set the agenda for your day.
The time-sucking soul-sucking commute – Somehow we have made it normal in our culture to spend hours getting to and from a job you hate so you can pay for the car that gets you to the job you hate. As an entrepreneur you get to pick the commute. Sometimes it’s to another room in your house…
Living someone else’s agenda – It’s more than checking email first thing in the morning. When you work for someone else you are working FOR someone else and their agenda. Most often their agenda has their best interests at heart, not yours.
Policies & Procedures Handbook – Ever read one of those? Downright pornographic, they are! Kinda like Home Owner’s Associations, folks that write Policy & Procedures have a little bit of power that they love to wield. Nice to be able to have your own policies and prodcedures.
Make a difference – You’ve got a life changing message inside of you that can help other folks. The freedom to get that message out there and make a difference in the lives of others is a beautiful thing. And you never know how your message can change a life.
Make a profit – When you have a message inside of you that can benefit others, you have both a right and an obligation to get it out there. And you have a right and an obligation to profit from it…
Make a great living doing what you love – Check out these words from the late great singer-songwriter Harry Chapin:
“If you’re ever confused about performing, you should stand in a lobby and watch people come in. These are people who are willing to give up  their money, give up their time, and come and watch you do something that hopefully you love to do anyway, and pay you for it.You get thousands of dollars playing for thousands of people, where you want – when you want – want you want.

And if that isn’t a great job, then I don’t know what a great job is.
So if you can’t give that everything you’ve got, if you can’t return back to your audience some kind of gratitude for that, then I think you’re a damn fool.
Now I’ve been a damn fool a lot in my life, but not that big a fool…”
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