Freedom From & Freedom To – 2012

Celebrating another year of Freedom…

Freedom From

False Beliefs about Yourself – It’s been said that “It’s not what you don’t know that can hurt you. It’s what you know that is not so…” When it comes to false beliefs about yourself, this quote is so true. For example, I never finished my PhD in Family Therapy when I was a therapist because I believed I couldn’t write, so  I could not finish my dissertation. Now I create content, and teach others how to create content, for a really good living.

So what are you believing about yourself that is no longer true? What are you believing about yourself that has never been true?

Energy Drainers – There are people and situations in our lives that drain energy, sometimes even suck energy out of us. Some of these need to be eliminated, such as friends or family who are constantly negative. Others need to be looked at in a different way. Traffic for example. We’re blessed in that we both work from home and don’t have to deal with traffic twice a day.

Yet we still run into it every now and then. On a road trip from Atlanta to San Antonio last year, we had just started out the next leg somewhere in Louisiana when traffic came to a complete stop on I-10. Construction going on so concrete barriers on both sides of the road. We weren’t going anywhere.

A few people walked up the road to find the cause. They came back to report a really bad wreck with fatalities and the Highway Patrol estimating a 2 hour wait. Many people around us went a little nuts in frustration and complaining about missing appointments, and looked pretty miserable.

Thinking that there were people up ahead who were never going to get to where they wanted to go this morning, we pulled out an iPad and watched a movie.

A Negative View of the World – Pardon my language, but there are some folks who look at the world through “shit-colored glasses” and complain about everything. It’s their main topic of discussion. Unfortunately they never get that the bigger problem is not out there, it’s inside. Or as Maritza’s Mom says “If everywhere you go it smells like 3 day old cabbage, the problem is you.”

Freedom To

Make a Living While Making a Difference Doing What You Love to Do – This is harder to do than it looks. It’s a lot of work and focus to get there. And I’ve also found it takes a lot of work, determination, focus and flexibility to stay there once you get there, and to keep getting better and better.

And it’s worth every single second.

Work with Some of the Best Clients in the World – I love working with folks who are willing to invest in themselves, both financially and in the effort they put into it. It’s so fun to help other entrepreneurs make a difference in the lives of others.

And it sure is fun celebrating their success. Just recently one of our high level Platinum clients, Lisa Copeland, got a new internationally syndicated newspaper column on dating and relationships for women over 50. It will be a joy to watch her grow with this…

Get in the Best Shape of My Life – I’ve gone through several periods in my life when I was in really good shape and a few periods in my life when I was in not so great shape. High school football days kept me in really great shape. Graduate school, biking all over the Florida State campus and playing racquetball several times a week was another.

Spending much of your time in front of a computer can get you out of shape quite easily. A wake up call in the fall of ’08 has led to many gradual changes that include getting rid of 50 pounds I don’t need. It’s fun to run into folks I’ve not seen in months and have them ask me “What is your secret, you look younger every time I see you!?”

Interact with You Here on This Blog – It’s a joy to be able to reach out all over the world and connect with like-minded people.

So let’s keep it going – in the comment section below, you’re invited to share your “freedom froms and freedom tos.”

Happy Independence Day 2012

~ Jeff

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