How to Find Great Content Creation Ideas

In 1994 I started writing a weekly relationship column for the local newspaper to build my counseling psychology practice.

My first thought was

“How I am going to come up with a new idea every week?!?

Well, it’s only for 6 months to a year, I’ll figure something out…

I also knew what not to do, because the 3 people who had written this column before me wrote stuff with titles like:

“What is depression?”

“What is anxiety?” 

“What is bi-polar disorder?”

Titles that make you really wanna dive in, right?

Where Do Great Content Ideas Come From?

So I just started writing about what I saw in my office everyday, with my own unique approach to problems, and my own unique solutions to problems. I believe this is one of the reasons that what was supposed to last for 6 months to a year went for 10+, became internationally syndicated, and launched a million dollar business for me…

Read those last 2 sentence again, they’re fairly important…

And for those of you who like lists, here are 3 sources of great content ideas:

1) In your own area of expertise, what are the common problems you see every day?

2) The next time you’re in line at the grocery store or local “big box” store, take a moment to look at the headlines in the impulse buy magazines. Thousands of dollars were spent testing and creating those headlines. Pick one that grabs your attention and apply it to your own niche.

3) The Custom Content Wizard gives you prompts and ideas for 21 different content creation ideas, and then creates a portion of the article for you. Get your copy at a deep discount, as my thanks for reading this article, at

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