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Facebook Fan Pages – Your 7 Step Blueprint to Get More Highly Qualified and Consistent Traffic

So you have a Facebook Fan Page? Good for you!

So like many of my clients and members, you are probably asking, “OK, now what? How do I get traffic to my Fan Page and how do I keep traffic coming back?”

That’s a great question, and we’ll answer it by taking a closer look at 7 strategies to bring in consistent and highly qualified traffic.

7 Traffic Strategies

1) Create your own name – Once you have your page up, you’ll need to get 25 or more fans in order to choose the domain name you want for your page. Let’s say you want to call your page “glassware projects.” Once you have 25 or more fans you would go to Facebook.com/username to apply for the name you want.

Being able to send someone to Facebook.com/glasswareprojects is easier than the big multiple number and letter domain name they give you.

2) Invite your Facebook Friends – You already have a Facebook Profile Page, so if appropriate for your Fan Page, invite all your friends from your profile page to join your Fan Page.

3) Invite your email list – This is a no brainer but CLICK HERE to read the rest of the article

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