Facebook – More thoughts on Mark Zuckerberg and “The Social Network”

If you have not seen “The Social Network” – the story of Facebook and it’s creator Mark Zuckerberg, I recommend you check it out.

One scene that sticks out is when he gets the idea, from listening to a conversation, to include your relationship status on your Facebook Profile

He didn’t write it down to do later.

He didn’t say to himself “I should do that” and then forget about it.

He dropped everything and RAN back to his dorm room to implement it right away!

That’s the kind of drive and hunger it takes to succeed…

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  • John Fletcher

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    To succeed in any endeavor-whether it be lifeskills, a new idea or just a work in progress, it requires the singleminded approach you must have in order to fullfill your goals. Think of the absent-minded professor who becomes so engrossed in a project that he is practically oblivious to all else around him. That is how great things are achieved!

    • John – you are right on, yet so many people are unwilling (not unable) to focus in that way…

      ~ Jeff

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