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Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWhat is an Evergreen Traffic Machine?

    An Evergreen Traffic Machine (ETM) is content you publish online that works for you forever. You’ll discover the best “evergreen places” to publish your content so you can “work once and get traffic – get traffic – get traffic – get traffic – get traffic – forever!”

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  • q-iconHow long does it take to get traffic from my ETMs?

    Great question. When you create your ETMs how I show you and publish them where I show you, there is really no need to wait. Seriously.

    “Jeff here is the link to the ETM I created with one of your ETM Templates. I got 50 new opt-ins in 3 days! I’m working on my next one now….” ~ Martha Austin

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  • q-iconCreating traffic has always been such a guessing game hassle for me. Will your training make it any easier?

    “Jeff with your ETM Templates my traffic building is no longer a chore, it’s a JOY!” ~ Sparow Jones, Founder – Super Fast Business

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  • q-iconIs this free traffic or traffic I pay for?

    While I do use paid traffic, this is free traffic. The myth is free traffic is not high quality traffic.

    90% of  the people in my community come in through free traffic. So do you consider yourself “high quality?” 😉

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  • q-iconHow is the training delivered?

    For each of the 3 main modules and the bonus module we’ll hold a live training webinar. First one starts TONIGHT!

    For example, the first module is “How to Create Your Profitable Evergreen Articles.” You’ll look over my shoulder right on the webinar as I create one, including the strategies I use to create great converting content.

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  • q-iconThere are so many traffic courses out there from people that don't even use what they are teaching. How is yours different?

    I love this question!

    While I still get traffic from content I created years ago, creating traffic is one of my DRGRs – Daily Revenue Generating Rituals.

    And you don’t have to just take my word for it:

    “Jeff Herring has quickly become a living legend of traffic generation.” ~ Dan Kennedy & Bill Glazer, 2012

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