"Don’t Get Scared, Get Hungry"

We had the privilege and blessing of attending the Glazer-Kennedy Info Summit here in Atlanta over the last few days. The keynote speaker on Thursday was former 2 time heavy weight boxing champion & entrepreneur George Foreman.

I really liked his quote

“Don’t get scared, get hungry.”
~ George Foreman

He talked about two times in his life he really had to live that quote. The first when he was young and trying to get off the streets of Houston, and the second when he was in his 40’s, broke and needing to make a comeback.

Seems to have worked both times – he became the heavyweight champ the first time and then the second time, at age 44, became the oldest boxer to ever win the championship.

We laughed out loud about his explanation of why he named all four of his sons George.

When someone asks him why he asks “Do you know the name Ali, do you know the name Joe Frazier, do you know the name Ken Norton? Try getting hit in the head by them over and over and see how many names you can remember?

Just for fun, check out the size of his fist in the picture…

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  • It was incredible meeting him & this is what I learned:
    Don't be scared, be hungry
    Close your ears to the negativity, but open them to the positive voices
    Age has nothing to do with it, it's the hunger you have to have
    There's nothing wrong with selling
    Do something new everyday, learn something new
    America is the home of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, chance (I'll add to this saying"The Internet")

    And yes, look at my fist compared to his… what a gentle giant champion!

  • Another thing to ask yourself after remembering "Don't get scared, get hungry" might be
    "How many ways can I satisfy this hunger".

  • Kimberly Bohannon

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    Whoa! I DID see his fist… holy cow!!! Maritza, amazing how his HUGE fist makes yours look so tiny… even Jeff's looks small in comparison.

    I love his quote, too… “Don’t get scared, get hungry.”

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing 😉


  • Cynthia Tant

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    Jeff, did you get out of Atlanta before TS Ida? We are fine here in Pensacola, lots of rain but not much more than a big rain dump. Pensacola Beach took a beating but I'm headed out there today to get some pics for my website http://www.ParadiseFoundPensacolaBeach.com & blog http://www.Move2FLA.com.

    The quote "Don't get scared, get hungry" is perfect timing for my brother. He has such great ideas, but stuck in quicksand because of the fear factor. Can't wait for your next video release for Social Marketing Blueprint course today!!

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