Doing Things Differently: PF Chang’s Customer Service

So just the other night Maritza wanted to pick up some PF Changs for dinner. I go online and order (kinda cool…)

We drive to the restaurant and I go in to pick it up. I’ve never been a fan of the pick up service at restaurants: you know, they send you to the bar,  where you have to get the attention of a busy bartender to get your food. Not fun.

So I walk over to the guy and he says “Just a moment sir, I’ll get the “To Go Specialist.”

“To Go Specialist?” This should be interesting…

Out comes Kim with my bag of food. She sets it down on the bar stool, pulls out her clipboard and begins to go over the order with me, item by item. Then she shows me all the extras she has added. Then she takes each item out of the bag (Salmon Lettuce Wraps, Sweet n Sour Chicken, Egg Rolls, etc.) making sure I approve of each one.

OK, this is kinda cool…

Then she shows me some more extras she has included, then ends with “And on me, can I include anything to drink for you?”

I order an Unsweet Tea (blasphemy) for Maritza and a  Sweet Tea (southern champagne) for me. She brings them out.

Entire fantastic customer service process took less than 3 minutes. I tipped Kim well, ($10 on a $42 order) as if she had been our waitress for an entire meal.

Great experience.

So how can you take a boring or even dreaded experience in your business and turn it into an experience that creates a fan?

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