Do You Keep Up with Your Niche?

As some of you know, I ran a drug rehab for  teenagers in the 80’s.  We hired one of our interns, and the week after he graduated with his Master’s in Counseling, he came in the office and said “Man I’m so glad to be done! I’m not going to read anything for a year!”

My response “Not if you are going to be working for me…”

Do you keep up with the latest in your niche, in your area of expertise? What’s the last book you read or course you took to go deeper (an inch wide and a mile deep) into your niche?

I’m currently reading (devouring is more like it) “Content is Cash: Leveraging Great Content and the Web for Increased Traffic, Sales, Leads and Buzz” by Wendy Montes De Oca – came out a few weeks ago. Good stuff, and I look forward to connecting with her soon…

“So Jeff, you are the top Article Marketing Expert online, why are you reading a book about it?”

Because I want to stay on top and go even further. There’s this weird little quirk in human nature – we work hard to meet a goal, relax, and stop doing the things that got us there…

How to be different (more successful and profitable) than most people => When you meet a goal – celebrate! And then get about the business of not only continuing to do the things you did to get there, do even more of the things you did to get there.

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  • Hey Jeff, I just saw that you’re ‘devouring’ Content Is Cash 😉
    Appreciate your interest. Contact me when you’re done. Would be glad to answer any questions you may have as well as hear your thoughts on the book. Enjoy!

  • Jeff Herring

    Reply Reply

    Hi Wendy – thanks for reaching out!

    Just about finished with the book, and I admire your work.

    Let’s connect soon and chat – would love to interview you as a guest to our community…

    Chat soon!

    ~ Jeff

  • Katrina Rooker

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    Great article Jeff. You really made me think. And I realized that No I’m not keeping up with my niche, at least not in a productive way. It is easy to get distracted by so much information but I’m am going to work very hard to focus on my niche and keep up with any new changes. Thanks for helping me get set straight.

    Katrina Rooker

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