Discover the Dolphin Upsell…

Discovery Cove uses a great upsell strategy after you swim with the dolphins. You are placed in a group with another family (called a pod) for your dolphin experience. Each pod has it’s own photographer and video person.

After you are done, one of the photgraphers takes you to a video room where you can see you pics on screen.

Here’s how they must figure it – if someone can afford to come here (just under $1,000 for 3) then they can also afford to buy a few pictures to remember the experience.

It sure worked on me – several pics, posters, CD, DVD, and $300 later to prove it.

Nice upsell strategy we all could use…

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  • When do WE get to see ‘The Herrings Swim With The Dolphins” – the movie??

  • Jeanne May

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    Hi Jeff…

    It is interesting to see how people utilise upsell — and it isn’t until you really understand what it all is about that you see how often people use it in marketing.

    Fantastic you got to swim with the dolphins — they are magical creatures! I hope we get to see your movie soon as well.

    Enviously (about your dolphin experience)

  • Natalie

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    Cool pics – lovely that you’ve fulfilled yur dream…

    It’s one of mine too – get my son able to swim (he;s 3), and then off I go
    with my daughter and son. Oh – that money too!!! I reckon 2 yers is a great
    time to aim for it – 5/6 he’ll be able to rememeber it more clearly.

    What do you think changed for you:
    in your belief
    your actions
    you interactions with others
    and your path and purpose

    to have achieved it????

    Lots of love

  • Cheryl Pickett

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    Swimming with the dolphins has been on my list of things to do for a long time. Following your advice, I’ll get there too. 🙂

    So happy for you that you were able to make your dream come true.

    Safe travels.


  • Jeff,

    What a wonderful gift you have given your sons. They will remember this experience all their lives.

    Aren’t you glad you found this income opportunity so that you could gift your sons (and you), and realize your dream at the same time?



  • Hi Jeff,
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience and relating it to business. There is always much to learn from all we do.

  • Darlene Ouimet

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    Jeff! This is wonderful, I am going to make it one of my goals and dreams too!

  • Kara Marie

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    Personally I’m S I C K of all the marketing BS. Now people can’t even enjoy a swim with our enlightened mammal friends, the dolphins, without being pitched to. When and where does it end?

    Glad you had a good time however.

  • Martha Gesegnet

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    That’s fabulous Jeff, for you and your boys! A testament and inspiration to never let go of our dreams!
    Thanks for sharing.


  • Hi Jeff-
    I returned after living 12 years in soft-sell England, and found the America penchant for selling & upselling shameless and shocking. But using a term from coaching, I now understand it depends on your ‘come from’. In other words, where you come from in making your offer; or as a consumer, where you come from in making use of the offer. In this case, as others have mentioned, you are provinding a timeless memory for you and your boys which is reinforced by the photos- so it’s priceless! And since you have the choice to buy or not (well, almost! :)), it’s fair game. So as Bill Clinton once said about why he did ‘it’- “because he could”, so can you! (Buy the upsell photos, what did you think I meant!?)
    Today I took my youngest son to my favorite of the Washington DC momuments, the Jefferson Memorial, wherein quotes from Thomas Jefferson remind us that freedom of mind is an inherent right. Frankly, one that many of us neglect to practice.
    So enjoy the fruits of your loins and labor! And, “thank you for sharing”! We want to see more! (But…don’t dolphins EAT Herrings?)

  • Rannette Eva Nicholas

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    Hi Jeff —

    so happy for you and your youngsters. It is a gift that lasts a lifetime – traveling and doing ‘exotic’ and ‘wondrous’ things with your kids. This sets the tone, for all is Possible!

    Integrating this into internet marketing just made this a write-off. Very cool.

    Kindly – with Enthusiasm,


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