Different Stories. One Dream.

Recently one specific lyric from a song I’ve heard and sung many times got my attention:

“Different Stories. One Dream.”

For me, this is the story of all of us who are online business owners, or “online entrepreneurs.”

We’ve come this way with many different backgrounds and stories.

And the same dream:

To make a difference and a profit.

Over the last 10 years I’m heard so many great stories that I’ve decided to begin actively collecting them

Tell me your story

So here on this blog post, tell me your story.

However you want to answer these 2 questions:

1) How did you become an online entrepreneur?

2) What’s your dream?

Comment on this blog post to tell your story:

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  • I became an online entrepreneur looking for a new and better way to earn some side money to support my family in between jobs.

    My dream would be to have an online business that is consistently providing a nice income residually and monthly for my family.

    • keep going, sir. Are you working with Jeff? If not, I recommend highly.

  • I want to start a “movement” especially for women entrepreneurs over 50. One way I thought I could do this is create a place and a community online. My quest (dream) is to be a catalyst, a change agent in helping Prime Time Womenpreneurs design and live the most bodacious second act of their lives.

    I knew going online would be the best vehicle for me to use. I’ve been dabbling with selling my business coaching services online for several years. Now, my goal is to provide courses, information and other resources that can help “older” women finally go for their long lost dreams. And, I will be an example for them – living my dream while making a lifestyle income during my awesome second act!

    • Go, Go, Go with the movement. Too much talent is still on the sidelines.

  • How did I become an online entrepreneur?
    In March 2015 I took a workshop with Jeff Herring and discovered I could profit from content I’d already created and reach a wider audience online. I was writing an eBook and working on a course showing genealogists how to make their own family history videos. Jeff showed me how to quickly write short articles and posts to market my products before I even finished my book and BEFORE I even had a website.

    What is my dream?
    My dream is to connect the next generation to the amazing stories and people of their family history – their ancestors. With my ebooks, online courses, and videos I want to show family historians how they can tell stories using multimedia to get kids, teens and other family members excited about where and who they come from. Kids who know what their parents, grandparents, and other ancestors lived and died through, are more resilient and can cope with tough times. I dream of my products providing enough revenue so I can have a flexible lifestyle to spend time with my family, enjoy the outdoors, travel, and do and teach more family history!

    • I love the work that you are doing, and enjoy the genealogy articles that you are sharing.

      • Margaret Eves

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        Thanks, Bill!

  • Vickie Trancho

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    I became an online entrepreneur when I realized how many people I could reach in an instant. Not only reach them, but help them improve their lives. I worked in healthcare most of my life, and love being of service. When I left my job in nuclear cardiology, I decided I could be of service in a different way.

    My dream is to help people who have suffered losses in their life, which is everybody I know, to move past the loss and to move forward to live the fullest life possible. My dream is to help them use their dreams for transformation and for healing. There are many paths to transformation. This one has worked miracles for me, so I would love to share the experience and the ways it is possible for others to do the same.

  • I was laid off twice within 8 months from two different association management companies and started thinking about what to do with my life. I realized then that my strength was in a fairly new industry at the time called professional organizing. I practiced organizing homes with neighbors and was hired as an independent consultant by the VP from the first layoff at his new job to organize his staff’s business files.

    My Dad said I knew nothing about business and couldn’t possibly run a business on organizing, but just 2 years later he ran to buy a VCR when I got myself on the Today Show for office organizing and was able to also record Oprah for home organizing a few months later. For someone who told me all my life that all I should do was be a “wife”, he was proud of me for not listening to him. In fact I was asked to write the book Organizing For Dummies® because they knew I had to have great information to get myself on national TV twice without a publicist or a book.

    I currently babysit my grandkids, so I have just started the online dream of having a business that provides online courses and products. This will help more people gain more freedom by being better organized in their office or home. If you want to reduce your stress and have more time to enjoy your life and your family, go here: http://www.everythinginitsplace.net

  • I never set out to be an online entrepreneur – in fact only 18 months ago, I didn’t really even understand how social media worked!

    I’m a mobility coach and movement therapist with a big vision for the future:

    In my vision of the future, mobility training will NOT be a huge deal.

    Folks WON’T have to spend HOURS understanding it, worrying about whether they’re doing it right, or having to be responsible for their own bodies.


    Because in my vision of the future, the health and fitness industries will PRIORITISE variety of movement.

    Group instructors will understand how to make the best use of the warm-ups and drills to help bodies become more capable of performing the movements they’re about to instruct.

    One-to one coaches will have a better understanding of how to apply variety of movement to an individual’s training plan, based on their movement restrictions

    and Therapists will understand how to include truly effective rehabilitation movements to help their patients recover quicker.

    In this vision, the participants in sport & exercise will also understand their own bodies and learn to recognise the signs that is struggling BEFORE injury happens, and have a truly connected network of professionals to ensure they are getting good quality variety of movement at every turn.

    In this future, injuries will become the exception rather than the rule.

    (told you it was big!)

  • My heart goes out to all those really ambitious women and men who want to achieve something wonderful in their life. Sadly, many have not YET enjoyed the privilege, power and passion of reaching this achievement. They cannot YET enjoy the magical feeling we all can have, living our life as a Self-Made Success.

    We can fast-track our achievements; there are simple but important changes we can make which help us along our success journey. There are productive processes, smart systems and certain critical lifestyle changes which upgrade us to first class so our flight to success is fast, relaxing and lands us at the right destination we’ve wanted to enjoy for so long.

    I’ve been lucky. I had a very successful and more importantly a wise mentor who became a business partner and with his help I built up a multi-million dollar business. As much fun as it all was though, it wasn’t really the success I wanted at my core – I was at the wrong destination. After a major financial crash, starting again and building up even more successful businesses, I could clearly see what works and what doesn’t when it comes to achieving our individual self-made success that takes us to our individual destination that is often so elusive.

    Helping others at SelfMadeSuccess101.com, designing and building individual Self-Made Success for others using the Lifestyle Formula for happiness, success and wealth, is such a joy. We fly together to their destination, while I mentor, support and cheer with them as they achieve their own brand of Self-Made Success.

  • I became an online entrepreneur when I said yes to Jeff’s ideas and decided to make them work so that I may serve people as a spiritual director.

    Following is my dream. I read it out loud every day, as prayer and as reminder of my ultimate goal.

    This is how I want to live my life as I look at being 51 years old. There are so many things that I want to do, and need to do, for my self, my family, and to honor the call that God has put on my life.

    I will live my life as a spiritual director, a writer, and a speaker. My job will not be tethered to a specific building, either a company or a church. I will be able to work wherever I have internet access and a keyboard. I HAVE TO WRITE AND SPEAK MY WAY TO FREEDOM PROFESSIONAL AND FINANCIAL FREEDOM. I HAVE TO PUSH PAST THE FEAR OF MY OWN WEBSITE AND TURN IT INTO A FAMILIAR TOOL THAT ALLOWS ME TO COMPLETE AND GROW ALL OF MY WORK.

    This will allow me to be productive wherever I am, and allow my to work on my schedule, not a schedule given to me by someone else. Specifically it will allow me to:

    *Produce my content and interact with my clients from wherever and whenever I need.
    *I will be able to move as needed – to be closer to my kids as they grow and start their own careers and families, and to move closer to parents as they age and need care.
    *I will work and travel and not have to choose between one and the other.
    *I want to plan my weekly, monthly and yearly calendar this way. Put in family obligations and fun first, put in shows that I want to attend in second, and then place all of my work in the the hours around. Schedule to my priorities, not someone else’s priorities.

  • I became an online entrepreneur so that I could reach a larger audience and build a community around things that have inspired me.

    I want to create something I’m calling Daily Doables so that I can teach principles to equip my boys for adulthood and teach these principles to others.

    My dream is to inspire people to do something very simple but very powerful – Do What You Can Now!

    I don’t know exactly what form this dream will eventually take but my mind is racing with ideas and possibilities.

  • What a great question, Jeff!

    My answers aren’t short (is that a surprise?! LOL).

    1) How did you become an online entrepreneur?
    I certainly didn’t start out to be an “online entrepreneur.” It was early 2006 and a little over a year after I had given birth to my younger daughter prematurely during a terrifying sudden disease that almost took both our lives. You see, it had taken me all that time to recover mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

    And when I had finally recovered, I dusted myself off, looked around and asked God why was I still on this planet. As close as I came to dying during that emergency situation and in the days following, I knew there had to be a reason beyond being a Mom to my two babies who were just one and three years old at that time. I still wasn’t sure why, but I decided being present for my girls was one important things I could do.

    So, when I wasn’t teaching or prepping for my college speech and communication courses, I thought I was going to be a life coach. That makes me laugh today, because I thought I needed training and certifications beyond my two masters degrees. What I learned was what they were teaching in these online certification courses was the essentials of communication I had been teaching myself for more than a decade at that time at some of the most elite colleges and universities in the Chicagoland area.

    The online part for me was easy. If I was going to be teaching classes still AND be present for my girls, I had no other choice but to learn how to work from home, which meant figuring out how to use the internet.

    I was a technophobe at that time, able to turn the thing on, do a Google search, and send and receive email.

    Slowly, I discovered social media, which looked very different in 2006 than it does today. That’s when my world expanded. I noticed professional people working at home needed the same kind of information and instruction I was providing to my college students, but for a business purpose, and took the public speaking and communication knowledge and skills I had gained over a lifetime and applied to to helping others learn what they needed to be successful.

    Not long after that I discovered YOU, learned more and more about using the internet, applied my communication skills to the work I was doing and my business became more profitable than teaching college. I was able to go on what I call “permanent sabbatical” and be home with my girls full time while working in my business when they napped and went to bed at a night; then later up til now, while they are at school during the day.

    2) What’s your dream?

    My dream? It’s big because God doesn’t put anyone on this earth to do small things.

    I am building a legacy for my children and their children that will help people around the world. Already my books have been translated into other languages, which is an honor.

    The company I am building teaches professionals communication skills for a lifetime. It includes public speaking courses as well as marketing for speakers and I have an initial dream of helping 1000 speakers make $100,000. That training is now primarily complete and already serving people toward that end.

    The next phase of my business is underway now, and is all about showing others how to live in a REAL relationship in an overly-technical world. My next book is about 1/3 of the way written and people are already responding powerfully to the message. It’s about being in relationship with each other, with ourselves, and most importantly with God.

    As my income and company grow, my dream is to do three things:
    – Maintain my lifestyle being home and available for my family while traveling when I like for work and/or pleasure

    – To establish a research foundation to cure and prevent non-smoking related lung cancer so no family has to endure the worry and pain that mine did when I was diagnosed with that disease

    – Create a non-profit organization for marriage ministry within the Catholic Church, the largest Christian denomination in the world, with the mission of educating and supporting couples to create strong marriages before and during their marriages. It is my firm belief that many of the problems we have in society can be cured if people were fulfilled and in full relationship with the person they committed their lives to. When we model to our children what love looks like at home, they will by extension live lives full of love and treat others with the same love and respect they have learned in the home. When people are treated with love and respect, they are free to become the people God put them here to be.

    I could go on, of course because each of these has their own details of the dreams, but I’ll stop here and say thank you for the question and the opportunity to write what may become a blog post or part of another book of my own.

    Hugs & love to you, my dear friend.
    ~ Felicia Slattery

  • Great questions Jeff.

    Well I am became an online entrepreneur because I moved to my husband’s birthplace on the Caribbean island of Nevis. I am a Registered Massage Therapist and I worked at a major hotel here in the spa. Since I had a clinic in Toronto for 6 years prior to coming here the plan was to always have my own home office again.
    The hotel was flooded by a passing hurricane with 20 foot seaswells. We heard the hotel was going to closed for 2 years because of stuff to do with the owners.
    So I had to kick my butt in gear and get my home clinic running at full speed to replace that income. So I had to figure out to market my business on this little island. So I read lots of books, check things out online and signed up for many lists and came across social media. To this point I had heard it was mostly about people tell everyone their every move, of which I was not interested.
    But then I was hearing how people were using it for business to market so I could a several 1 week courses and since I was getting it and having fun with it I decided to take a 6 month course that taught me how to use social media to grow other people’s businesses and my own (even though at the time my target audience wasn’t online yet).
    Since my massage practice is very busy during the winter months because I treat ex-pats who come here for 4-6 months of the year I needed to fill in the slower months and decided to create a business to help other small businesses grow using social media. I really enjoy teaching them how to use different social media platforms as well.

    My Dream
    Is always to help others whether in massage or in social media. But my big why are my two girls. I want to continue to help others while I help my girls advance in their tennis careers, someday we hope they become professional tennis players.
    So I want to be able to live well, pay for the girls expenses and our trips to advance their tennis.

    Thanks for asking the questions Jeff. Have a great day all,

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