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Here are the rules again just so we're clear and on the same page:

IMPORTANT: There Are Rules

These are more like "things that go without saying" - I just want to be clear about our expectations. So here are the guidelines:

Send me one question per day, Monday through Friday -  If you send me more than one question I'll only answer the first one. [and may give you wrong answers for the others;-)] Seriously, I've found if I answer more than one question a day it will be easy f0r you to get overwhelmed and frozen. Let's just avoid that in advance. And remember, you've got tomorrow!

Holidays and weekends are off days - And I don't mean like National Pumpkin Day. Bank holidays, Christmas Eve, Christmas, and announced vacations. To do otherwise would be really bad modeling for you.

You'll have your answer within 24 hours - Please don't re-send your question 2 hours later asking for an answer. This will just annoy me. I have time set aside for you and I promise I'll respond when I'm able to thoughtfully give you an answer instead of rushing just to get it done fast. (Also remember, if you send me an email on Friday at 4 PM, it's likely you won't hear from me until Monday.)

The content of your questions is totally up to you - It can be advice on anything you like - nothing is off limits. While I’m not a super techie, I have access to some super-techies on my team and will answer those types of questions the best I can with help from them. Keep in mind generic questions like “How do I make money with my content?” are broad and I may point you to various resources first.

The more specific your questions, the more specific my answers and the faster you’ll see results - For the very best use of our time, make your questions specific and realistic.

I’ll always answer with my best advice, guidelines, and resources. You will always get the answer I feel will benefit you best. (Note: some of these resources may be more in-depth training courses that will help you better than I can with answering just one question and I may receive a commission for recommending those resources. I will ONLY refer you to resources that I would use or have used myself.)

Implement the changes and suggestions I make. Work at your own pace. Don’t worry, more questions will naturally come up as you implement strategies I give you, so that’s why you’ll get to…

Rinse and repeat!