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Did you know…?

The average online entrepreneur goes to bed with a dream and wakes up in the
morning not knowing what to do.

So the AOE (average online entrepreneur) checks email and wastes some time there…

After a while, feeling like something must be accomplished, the AOE goes over to
Facebook, likes a few things, maybe even posts a picture of their coffee cup,  and
then several minutes to hours later fool themselves into believing they’ve accomplished

All the while struggling with the notion they are no closer to their dream, perhaps even
further away…

The Great News – Jim Edwards & Jeff Herring – The Content Duo – are here coming to your rescue!!

You NEVER have to be an Average Online Entrepreneur when you’re a part of the
Custom Content Insider’s Circle.

We’re here to help you get and stay on the fast track to content marketing success. And here’s how
we’re going to do it:

==> 2 Monthly Live Webinar Sessions

=> Live Webinar Session One (each month) – Leading edge training every month
from 2 of the Web’s leading content marketing experts on what’s working
(and what’s not) in the ever-evolving world of content marketing and content
creation that drives the Net.

Watch this mercifully brief video to see just some of what we’ll be covering
month to month =>

=> Live Webinar Session Two (each month) – Q & A Session, Case Studies, and
Content Critiques – with not just one but TWO of the Internet’s most most respected
marketers and trainers bringing over 40 years combined experience for your benefit

And this is important => the first member’s to get their live critiques will be the first
members to join – get started here =>

==> Unlimited Brainstorming & MasterMinding with 24/7 access to our exclusive
“Custom Content Insider’s Circle” Private Facebook Group – share your successes
and ideas, get ideas and support, get your questions answered, brainstorm and
mastermind, and even create Joint Venture opportunities.

Get your instant access here =
Fair Warning: We begin with our first Live Training Webinar on Thursday October
15th, and there are only a limited number of Founding Member’s memberships

Act now to secure your Founding Member’s membership and be among the first
to get your Live Content Critique with Jim and Jeff
Go here =>

We look forward to helping you go further faster in your online business!
~ Jeff & Jim
The Content Duo

2-Fer PS – Most monthly training programs carry a much larger investment for
access to just one expert. With your membership in the Custom Content
Insider’s Circle you get access to not one but 2 of the worlds leading Content
Marketing experts…

Get Started Here

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