Imagine how well this could work in YOUR business

Imagine the results if you really took the time to repurpose one piece of your content in multiple ways

I’m betting that you would finally discover how to “work smarter instead of harder” (which is really
secret code for work less, make more money…)

Especially if you did this more than just once…

In fact, you could probably end up repurposing all of your content and really working less while making more…

Speaking of working less and making more (repurposing) here’s the link to another video that shows you exactly how to do just that. CLICK HERE TO GET INSTANT ACCESS…hope you like it


  • Good stuff, Jeff! I certainly need to do more repurposing. Thanks for sharing!

  • Great video! Thank you for the reminder about re-purposing content. More importantly, thank you for getting straight to the point; I appreciate people who can ‘bottom line’ it for me. Details are necessary here and there but sometimes they overwhelm the message.

  • Truly is a cool video Jeff…

    This opens up some great possibilities that might have gone by the wayside. Time to revisit some old blogs, do some tweaking and save bundles of time!

    Many thanks.

    All the best,


  • Loved hearing this direct reminder of the power of repurposing! It made me stop and rethink all the material I have created over the last several months and create a ‘to do’ list of how to take further advantage of what I have. Thanks for the timely and on-target reminder!

    • Excellent reminder! It’s so easy to overlook the myriad ways we can use content. I enjoyed this to the point and friendly video by Diane.

  • Hey all –

    Thanks for all the nice comments – so glad you liked the video. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do for you.

  • Kris

    Reply Reply

    Great video. Thanks for the reminder to use your content multiple places. Definately workingsmRter of harder!

  • Really really great – a gem. Thanks Jeff, Dianne, Maritza

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