Jeff Herring's

Content Profit Mastery


You asked for it - you got it! A "lite" version of the Content Profit Mastery mentorship!

We'll work closely for one year so you can master profiting with your content.

Over 25 years I built a thriving off line million dollar practice with content marketing.

For the last 11 years I've built an online business making millions of dollars - again through the power of content!

And now I'm bringing the experience and power of building million dollar businesses with the power of content to you!

Here's how we are going to do it together:

  • 1

    DAILY - Emails and Texts and Emergency Calls

    You'll always know exactly what to do with daily access to me through emails and text, and my emergency hotline number.
    At a choice point where you need to go one way or another - just ask me!
    You'll get daily guidance every step of the way...

  • 2

    TWICE a MONTH - One on One Meeting

    Twice a month we'll meet one-on-one on a webinar, Skype, Zoom, or whatever works best.
    This is designed for you to stay on track and have me as your weekly "live coach"

  • 3

    1 VIP Full Day

    During our year together we'll do 1 Full VIP Day in which we'll spend the day together focuses on your business. We can do this in person here in Atlanta or we can do this online - it's your call 🙂

  • 4

    One Live Small Group MasterMind Meeting a Year

    The members of Content Profit Mastery will gather once a year here in Atlanta for a 2 day mastermind retreat.

  • 5

    Customized Marketing Plans

    In an exclusive "done-with-you" approach I'll design your daily, weekly, and monthly marketing plan.
    You'll know exactly what to do and how to do it each day!

  • 6

    More DWY Success!

    Working with you, I'll also create your sales letters, webinars, articles, etc.

  • 7

    All My Products

    You'll get all my products, plus all my future products, FREE.

  • 8

    All My Memberships

    You'll get all my membership programs as well.
    If you're already in one, any monthly payments stop when you're in this program.

This is the most intensive, hands on, "you'll know what I know" training program I've ever offered.

This is an exclusive access to me program for only 5 people.

For those reasons and more, there is a significant investment involved.

For one year of all of the above and more, it's a $5,000 investment.

Now check out how manageable I've made that for you:

Full Payment $4,500 ($500 discount)

$2500 down - 5 monthly payments of $500