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Content That Converts

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Thing 1 – A fun little meme, cuz we learn faster when we’re laughing…

Thing 2 – The Webinar Replay that delivers 3 content creation secrets for creating “content that converts”

Thing 3 – An article all about “content that converts”

And you’ll also find a couple of places where you can take your next success steps in creating content that converts…

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The TOP 3 Content Creation Secrets Every Online Entrepreneur Needs

Want to create profitable content quickly, easily, and often? Here are 3 quick secrets every online entrepreneur needs to know.

Secret #1: Create A Compelling “I’ve Got To See This Now” Content Title 

Here’s what you need to understand about this: creating a title that will make your prospect want to stop whatever they are doing and consume your content!.

What’s most important about this secret is that in our “scroll mentality” online world, your job is to “stop the scroll!” with the title of your content. This is true whether your content is a video, a podcast, an article, or anything else..

Online entrepreneurs need to understand this secret spells the difference between success and failure because let’s face facts folks – if your title does not hook your prospect, does not compel them to “stop the scroll” then it does not matter how great your content may be, they are not going to be consuming it!.

What to Do Now: You should definitely create a title that stops the scroll. Some of the best tips are:

1) Use a “how to” title – “How to….”

2) Include a number in the title – “3 Quick Ways to…”

3) Ask a question in the title.


Secret #2: Solve ONE Burning Problem In An Entertaining Way

The #1 thing you need to understand with this is THIS is the reason people want to consume your content. They are not online because the pool is closed. Most people are searching online for solutions to a specific problem.

“Your content should be the solution to their specific problem”

Online entrepreneurs need to know this secret because  most people go to extremes here: they either try to solve too many problems or solve none at all. Focusing on one burning problem makes your prospect feel like you created this content just for them, and they’ll come back to you for more.

This spells the difference between success and failure because demonstrating how you uniquely approach and uniquely solve their problems is what attracts customers to you. And when you do it in a way that is playful, entertaining, and solves their problem, you’re creating a customer for life..

What to Do Now: In case you’re wondering, the next step here is you should begin to solve one burning problem in your content in an entertaining manner.

You don’t have to be a comedian or entertainer to do this. Just stay away from the obvious “same-old-same-old.”

For example: If the problem is losing 10 pounds, don’t give them “eat differently and exercise.”

Do show them your unique approach to solving that ONE unique problem..

Secret #3: Create An “I’ve Got To Have That Now!” Compelling Call To Action 

Would-be Online entrepreneurs hear me now: creating a clear and attractive way for your prospect to take their next success step, and take it with you! You always, always, always, want to give them another way to engage you, a way to invest with you, or both..

And what this really means is by creating a compelling next success step, you turn a stranger into a prospect, and a “frequent flyer” into a customer. Never assume just because someone has consumed your content, they’ll automatically be back for more, no matter how good you get at creating content.

There’s just too much noise and too many people clamoring for attention now – make sure you create a clear path to their next success step..

This spells the difference between success and failure for everyone because this is how you build a list community full of highly responsive customers eager for more from you and eager to invest with you. If you’re into that sort of thing ;-).

In case you’re wondering, the next step here is you should always create a compelling call to action, a call to your prospects next success step with you. Do this in all you do, whether it’s an article, audio, video, or meme/info-graphic..

Maybe as an online entrepreneur you just need a jump start (or a swift kick) to get moving with content creation. Maybe this article will be just the thing to help you move ahead ASAP and create profitable content quickly, easily, and often. As you move forward, don’t forget the 3 secrets you learned from us. They will definitely help you achieve the goals of a successful online entrepreneur without having to start from scratch every time.

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