Content Marketing – Your Solution For Building a Highly Qualified List of Gold

gold coins_smI believe Content Marketing to be the absolute best free strategy for building a highly qualified list. My experience building my own business has proven this to be true and my experience helping my students and members build their business has proven this to be true as well.
A few ways to build a list Before we focus on how to build a highly qualified list with Content Marketing, let’s quickly look at a few other ways to build your list:
Pay for a list – Don’t do this. You will be told the list is highly qualified. It is not. Don’t do this, unless you want a lot of angry unsubscribes and spam accusations.
Google AdWords – This is a legitimate way to pay for traffic and thus build your list from there. But let’s do a little comparison. One article that I wrote in August of ’05 still brings in an average of 1500 views a month at no cost to me. To get the same number of views a month from Google AdWords, at let’s say 25 cents a click, would cost me $350 a month.
Joint Ventures – This is a great way to build a list and the second most productive strategy I use. I’ll be a guest on someone’s teleseminar and then have them as a guest on mine. The challenge for beginners is that when your list is small it can be difficult to get those with bigger lists to trade with you. It’s the old you need a job to get experience but you need experience to get a job catch 22 kind of thing.
Content Marketing – The fast track to building a highly qualified list. Write a great quality article with useful and actionable information. In the resource box invite your prospect back to an opt-in page where they can trade their name and email address for more good information from you. By the time they are clicking on your links they have read your whole article, which means they have raised their hands and qualified themselves as someone who will be a good to great prospect for you.
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