Content Marketing Questions I Hate to Answer – Is Duplicate Content a Problem?

Question: Jeff, I’ve heard you say on numerous occasions that duplicate content is not a problem – provided you don’t point the article to the site of the original content? Is this true?

Answer: Nope, I never said that.

Duplicate content can be a problem. It’s just been inflamed and inflated and blown way out of proportion. This happens a lot on the internet. Someone identifies a small problem that sounds scary, inflames it and scares folks to death, and then swoops in to the rescue with some product designed to make it all better.

How to easily avoid duplicate content

The way to avoid duplicate content is as follows: if you’ve got an article on EzineArticles with links in the Resource Box back to a website and blog, and that same article can be found anywhere on that website or blog, owned by you – of course you’re not going to send them from an article online to the same article on your website, that’d be silly, but if that article is anywhere in that website or blog, then those two articles need to be about 20% different.

If it’s a tips article, change the order of the tips. Do the intro differently, add more content, take some away, just be about 20% different and you’re going to be fine.

I didn’t say that it’s not a problem. It’s just not a problem that should not slow you down. Because you’ve got got to make sure that the two article are 20% different. And that’s the only thing you’ve got to do to protect yourself from it. Otherwise, put your same articles all over the place. That’s what building a massive web presence is all about.

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