Content Marketing Questions – How Do I Turn My Articles Into Good Give-Aways For List Building?

woman with list_sm_borderDo you know how to turn your article into great give away info products to build your list? You will when you read and use this article.

Q: You mentioned bundling an 8-part mini guide centered around a 7-point article. This is a great idea. Can you offer any other ideas for free giveaways to be used in order to harvest email addresses?

A: The mini-guide is a good giveaway. Any collection of articles around a topic will work. This could be three articles bundled into one document all around a certain topic.

A really great thing to do is if you can find a way to template-ize your enterprise, something that you teach that you could turn into templates, like my article templates and like other people do with templates. People love templates because you can just plug in information. That’s another good giveaway.

If you’ve done any teleseminars, you could do one teleseminar to three people and record it, it doesn’t matter. You could do it to no one and record it, and offer that as an audio in your resource box. Most people don’t use audio or video as a resource in their resource box, and they really ought to because it’s a higher perceived value.

One of the things you always have to remember when crafting a resource to give away is it has to be good enough to sell as a product. Don’t just throw it together because it is free. Here is how your prospect will respond to something just thrown together – “If this is the kinda stuff you get for free, then I’m not gonna spend any money here.”

On the other hand, when you give away high quality resources that you could charge for, here is what goes on in the mind of your prospect – “Wow, if this is what you get for free, I can’t wait to see what you get when you buy more products.”

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