Content Marketing Q & A – When to Link to an Opt-In Page in the Resource Box of Your Article

Q: How do you feel about using an opt-in page from an article resource box to grant access to a podcast, or should you just grant the access to a podcast that has list building cues in it any way?

A: Well, one way to answer your question is to rephrase it a bit differently – “When do I link to an opt-in page in my resource box?

Answer – always!

Thank you and good night!

Seriously, there is nothing unique about linking to a podcast that would cause you to not use an opt-in box. I want to congratulate you on doing something that most people do not do. Most article marketers offer only a text based resource in their resource box. And yet you can send them to an audio based resource, a video based resource, or some combination of text, audio, and video. You can see an example of a combination of a text and audio resource in the resource box at the end of this article.

So good on you, and get the email address!

Q: Should I put the same articles in my newsletter, blog, article sites, Facebook, etc. or should the article marketing articles be different?

A. Great question. What you are talking about doing is called repurposing your articlesWhen you get the power of repurposing your articles, when you get the incredible reach that repurposing articles gives you, you will have a very powerful tool at your disposal.

So yes you can use your articles in multiple places. I often repurpose mine on my blog, use two a month in my newsletter, put them on my website, turn them into teleseminars, etc. I recommend you do the same.

The only thing you need to be careful about is if you have an article on an article directory, with links leading back to a website or blog owned or controlled by you where that article also resides, those two articles need to be about 20% different.

Other than that, spread those articles all over the net and dramatically increase your reach with your articles.

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