Content Marketing Makes the Internet Doable For the Average Person

Stick Figures_smOf course I realize that is a fairly large claim to make, so now it is time to back it up. The average person coming onto the internet does not have a massive background in marketing or business. Many of my students come to the internet with a dream, an idea, some expertise in a certain area, and not much more.

The biggest challenge

The biggest challenge for most brand new internet marketers is “where do I start?” Not knowing where to start leads many beginners to spend way too much money on the latest and greatest product that is going to make you millions of dollars this week. Most of these products a only a piece of the puzzle. Very few of them offer a complete end-to-end solution like article marketing does.

A complete end-to-end solution

Here is how you get started and create a complete end-to-end system:

1. Create some content – Creating content is a big challenge for most online marketers. Not so when you write articles on a regular basis. Your articles can be used in parts or in whole for content on your website.

2. Get visitors & viewers to your website – On the internet we call this traffic. In the resource box of your article you can direct traffic anywhere you want it to go. Just invite the reader to your website or blog for more good information from you.

3. Build a list – Because a prospect is coming to your website from your article, they are already highly qualified prospects. They have spent 3 – 5 minutes reading your article and have raised their hand to say “I want more information and I want it from you.”

4. Market your message – With your articles you can market to those who have never heard of you by submitting your articles to the article directories and getting in front of literally millions of readers you would not have otherwise reached. You can also invite back those already on your list by repurposing your articles on your blog and inviting your list to visit and read.

5. Create info products – Another great way to repurpose your articles is to turn them into information products. A 7 tips article can be a great ecourse or ebook.

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