Content Marketing – How to Create All the Content You Need Without Staring at a Blank Screen (Ever)

writer's block_smContent Marketing is a great way to start and build your online business. And you do want to start and build your online business, right? I’m assuming that’s why you are here.

The challenge for most entrepreneurs is to consistently create enough to make a difference. This is where most beginners and even experienced marketers fall short. Some even quit.

It’s a shame too, because I believe that no one ever fails online. Some just quit before the magic happens.

The Good News

The good news is that none of this bad stuff need ever happen to you. And the great news is there is a powerful tool that you can use so you can get these two success causing results:

1) Never stare at a blank screen again, and 2) Create all the content you will ever need.

The Powerful Tool

The powerful tool is templates. Whether you use mine, someone else’s, or create your own, you must use templates to create enough content to make a difference without driving yourself crazy staring at a blank screen.

Now, I could spend the rest of this article telling you about all the great advantages of using templates, and there are many.

Instead, how about I just give you an example you can follow?

The Benefit/Without Template

This is a very powerful and simple to use template. (You may have noticed I am actually using this template to write the article that is teaching you about this template.) If that spins your head a bit, just stay with me as I walk you through these next few steps:

Step 1 – Pick a specific topic in your niche – Get as specific as you can. The more specific you can be, the more powerful your content will be.

Step 2 – Identify a specific benefit your prospect wants to achieve within that topic – What does your prospect want to get out of it?

Step 3 – Identify a specific obstacle to achieving the benefit – What most gets in the way of achieving the desired benefit?

Step 4 – Craft your benefit/without title – here’s an example using the title from the article you are now reading:

“Content Marketing – How to (BENEFIT) Create All the Content You Need Without (OBSTACLE) Staring at a Blank Screen (Ever)”

Step 5 – Explain how your prospect can get the benefit without struggling with the obstacle – The easiest and most helpful way to do this to simple walk your prospect through the steps. (As I just did with you in this article.)

Now, some of you may be wondering “Yeah, Jeff, but I’m afraid I’ll give away the store (or the farm) if I share this much in an article!” Listen, if you can give away the store/farm in one 400-500 word article, your farm/store is not big enough.

So don’t worry about it. This is what attracts the best prospects to you with your content.

How to get started

You can get started before your head hits the pillow tonight when you visit

You’ll get Free Instant Access to one of my most powerful Content Creation Templates – grab it and use it right away!

I think you’ll like the results. And there are some additional surprises for you as well once you grab your template.

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