Content Marketing – How to Create a Short & Sweet Laser Description of Your Article For More Traffic

Most article marketers miss out on a great opportunity for more traffic by not taking the time to craft a powerful description of their article.

Here are a few dos and don’ts for your article description.

You don’t want it to be, “This article is about blah, blah, blah.” Back when I was a marriage and family therapist and people would ask me what I did and I said I was a marriage counselor, I’d get strange responses.

People would walk away or start telling me all about their problems or ask me if I’m analyzing them right now, and I’d think to myself, “Not until right now.”

When I learned to do a laser speech or a laser description of what I do, I ended up getting requests for cards and sometimes requests for appointments.

It would be something like, “You know how most couples are really excited when they first get together and then drift apart and end up being roommates?”

Then people would respond, “Yeah, that’s me.”

I’d say, “Well, what I do is help couples reconnect and make the trip back from roommate to soul mate in a way that sticks.”

I’d almost always get asked for a card. Every now and then somebody wanted to know if I had my appointment book with me.

You want to do the same thing in your article description. Ask a question that captures part of their pain or struggle or challenge. Then promise the answer to the question in your article.


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