Content Marketing For Beginners – How to Create a Prospect Pulling Description For Your Articles

handwritingArticle marketing is a great way to create content, drive traffic to your sites and build your business. Getting traffic to your articles means you need to create a description of your article that makes the reader WANT to, almost HAVE to, read your article. Here’s how to do it.

Prospect Pulling Article Descriptions

The article description does not show up when your article is displayed on the article directories. So what makes it so important. Two things:

1) When your article is returned to someone as part of a Google search, the first thing they see is the article title. The second thing they see is the article description. Think of your article description as your “assistant headline” and it’s job is to pull the reader further into your article.

2) When you word your description correctly you can repurpose it in email and in the social networks.

What not to do

Most people write really boring descriptions like “This article is about… blah, blah, blah, ZZZZZZZZZZZZ” Don’t do this. Don’t do anything that would stop the reader from flowing right through your description and into your article.

What to do

Create your description as though you want to compel the reader to stop what they are doing and read your article. This is the result you want to go after.

Here is a strategy I often use in my article descriptions: Ask a question, and then promise the answer. For example:

Wrong: This article is about how to write a compelling description of your article. Yuk, puts me right to sleep.

Right: Do you know how to create a prospect and traffic pulling article description for your articles? You will when you read and use this article.

See the pattern? Ask a compelling question and then promise the answer in your article. You can be creative with your own language that fits your niche and topic for your article description.

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