Content Marketing and Your Online Visibility – The Bad, Good and Great News (With YOUR Content)

mouse handContent Marketing is a great way to get you ongoing online visibility. And you do want to be found online, right?

It does not matter how good your resources are if no one can find you online. That brings us to the bad news, the good news, and the great news.

The bad news

This one actually stops many people before they even get started. You see, the bad news is you cannot be found everywhere online, all over the internet. You and I just don’t have the budgets of Google or Facebook.

And some people stop right there because they falsely believe they have to be seen all over the internet in order to be successful.

And it’s too bad, because there is good news.

The good news

The good news is that all you need to do is to be found all over your niche, your area of expertise. And that is very doable. Let’s say, for example, that you are in the relationship niche. That’s still a fairly large niche to attempt to completely cover.

So you create your content, and enough of your content, to be found all over your sub-niche of relationships, say single women over 50. One of my students is the number one relationship coach for women over 50. One of the strategies she used is to get her content seen all over her sub-niche.

The great news

And there’s the great news. You can use the strategies that come with Content Marketing to be found all over your niche or sub-niche.

You begin by creating a piece of content much like this one. The entire piece can go on content directories, your blog, guest posts on other blogs, a chapter in a book, etc.

Then take your title and put it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other Social Marketing sites. Be sure to include a link back to the rest of the article on your blog.

Then you can take sub-headings and quotes and do the exact same thing.

Why not take your content piece and turn it into a video? This one could easily be 3 videos: one for the bad news, one for the good news, and one for the great news.

Bonus Tip – If you have a content piece that has 3 parts, don’t just make it one blog post. You can, and should, turn it into a three part blog series.

That’s a whole lot of online visibility from just one piece of content.

Extra Bonus Tip – The most time effective and powerful way to build your online visibility with Content Marketing is to use content creation templates.

And I’d like to invite you to claim your Free Instant Access to my 3 Mistakes Content Creation Template when you visit

Not only will you get the template, you’ll get a video where you can look over my shoulder as I create content using the 3 mistakes template.


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