Content Marketing and Traffic – Can I Really Get Traffic From My Content? (Of Course You Can!)

Content marketing is a great way to get traffic. In fact, experience proves to me that creating content it the absolute best way to create volumes of free traffic. Another belief supported by experience is that traffic you earn is better than traffic you buy.

Any way, you do want more traffic, right?

Traffic Rules

Here are my rules for getting waves of traffic:

  1. Don’t chase after traffic.
  2. Find out where the traffic is going.
  3. Get your content in front of where the traffic is going.
  4. Then redirect the traffic exactly where you want it to go: your profit pages.

Now let’s knock a silly myth out of the way. I hear some people say that because of the changes Google had made, that you can know longer get good traffic from your content. That’s just not so. Here’s the reality:

The Google changes cleaned out the crap so that the cream can rise. 

Create great content and get it in the right places and you’ll get all the traffic you want and need.

OK, now what?

Good question. Here are a few places you can put your content to get waves of traffic:

  1. Facebook – Currently the #2 website in the world in terms of amount of traffic, you need to get your content on Facebook with a link to where you want folks to go.
  2. YouTube – Currently ranked the #3 most trafficked site, you’ve got the goods for great videos with your content. A simple 3 mistakes article can easily become 3 videos to drive traffic.
  3. Twitter – Currently #8, you can even get traffic from 140 characters or less, as long as you include a link.
  4. Linkedin – Ranked #12, put your content on LinkedIn for traffic from your ideal clients.

For any of the above 4, you can use the title of your content, tips, quotes and sub-headings from your content. And now

5) Article Directories – Much of my traffic still comes from article directories. Remember Google cleaned out the crap so the cream can rise.

So there you have it, from just one piece of content you can create at least five sources of traffic. You’ll do well to do this with one of your articles. Now just imagine, if you will, the traffic that will come in when you do this for each of your articles.

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