Content Marketing and Online Visibility – Can You Create a Massive Web Presence With Your Content?

web presenceIt does not matter how good your content or message is if no one can find you.

Call in your online presence, your web presence or just plain and simple online visibility, you must be found online to make a difference and make a profit.

The bad news

The bad news is that none of us have the budgets of Google or Amazon so that we can be found all over the internet.

The good news

The good news is that you do not have to be found all over the internet. You just want to be found all over your niche.

The great news

And the great news is that you can repurpose your content in multiple ways to the point where prospects with tell you

I see you everywhere! 

Facebook – The number 2 most trafficked website in the world, second only to Google, you want your content on your Facebook page. You have the title of an article, sub-headings from an article, quotes from an article, even the entire article. Just make sure you include a link back to your profit pages.

YouTube – Ranked 3rd in terms of traffic. The 3rd most popular search engine behind Google and Bing. It is now super easy to turn your content into a screen capture video so you can be found online.

EzineArticles – The #1 content directory online, still receiving over 1 million unique visitors a day. Crank out 400 -500 words about a specific topic in your niche, and you’ll get your content found.

Your Blog – The hub of your content empire, your good content is what brings them back on a regular basis. Don’t get fooled into thinking you have to create hundreds of words for a blog post. Sometimes just a thought or two will do the trick.

LinkedIn – Not just for business any more. It’s ranked 13th in Alexa, which ranks sites by the amount of traffic coming in. A great place to make connections with your content.

Amazon Kindle – Gather up a few of your articles on a specific topic and create a Kindle book. Another way to do it is to take an article and expand it into a short Kindle book. You can do this over and over again.

Twitter – Can you have great content in 140 characters or less? The answer is yes, and it’s good practice for saying what’s important in just a few words. Use the title of your content and include a link to read the rest.

Pinterest – Yes, really. Create an info-graphic of your content and send prospects to your blog or videos or articles or…

Bonus Tip – To be able to spread your content around for great online visibility, you’ve got to create enough content on a consistent basis.

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