Content Ideas a Struggle for You? Discover the Perfect Cure for No Content Ideas (And More Inside)

Content Marketing is a great way to build your business online and offline, and a great way to bring in more prospects and profits every day.

And you do want more prospects and profits every day, right?

The challenge many people face is running out of ideas for their content. In other words, what do I write about today?

The Perfect Cure

Now that sub-heading may be a little bit misleading, since I’m not going to give you one perfect cure for running out of content ideas.

I’m going to give you three!

1) Keep a running list of ideas – Every single time you think of an idea, jot it down. This is now so easy with smart phones. Just keep a list of ideas in your smart phone and you can capture your ideas anywhere.

The advantages of keeping a running and ever-growing list of ideas are many:

a) you never lose an idea

b) when you are looking for ideas, simply consult your list

c) when you think you have absolutely run out of ideas, check your list, and the ideas will flow again.

2) The Grocery Store Tip – You know all those magazines in the check out line at the grocery store? Those companies have spent thousands of dollars researching what they readers want to know. So pay attention to the titles in those magazines and adapt for your use with your content.

You may not be writing about 11 new ways to have great sex, buy you can write about 11 new ways to accomplish something in your area of expertise, right?

3) Look at other articles in your category in EzineArticles and other Content Directories – Just the titles will trigger ideas for you.

Now notice the articles that have received lots of views. This tells you that the audience has voted in favor of that topic. Your idea prospects want to know more.

So now you simple take that topic, not the words, the TOPIC, and do a better job with it. What did the author leave out? Include the missing pieces and more. Could you make the topic more exciting? Do it. Could you include some tips to get the reader started in the right direction? Do it.

Remember, you are taking the topic, not the words and simply doing a better job with it and getting a bunch of ideas for your own prospect & profit pulling content.

Your Bonus Tip – Use my 3 Mistakes Content Creation Template to come up with an almost limitless list of content ideas.

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You’ll get instructions on how to use it, a video showing you how to use it, and 2 examples. Not bad, huh?

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