Consistency Is the Key When Creating Your Content (7 Reasons Why)

Profitable Content Creation allows you to do so much online.

Like what you ask?

Well, here are the top 7 reasons you need to be consistent with your profitable content creation:

Reason 1 – Consistent content creation gets you these 4 great benefits online: Online Visibility, Traffic Generation, List Building, and Product Creation. Each one is necessary to be successful online.

And you do want to be successful online, right?

Reason 2 – Builds your confidence – It was a cold day in 1987 on the campus of Florida State University when I realized my professors were right: I could not write. Bummer, because I needed to write a dissertation.

Because I believed those professors I never finished my Ph.D. in Marriage & Family Therapy at FSU.

The good news is I now create profitable content everyday and the even better news is that a couple of years ago one of those professors signed up for one of my Content Creation Workshops.

That was a happy day.

Consistency breeds confidence

Reason 3 – The John Grisham Effect – When you pick a new novel and fall in love with what you’ve just read you want more. And when you want more you buy more from that author.

So in the same way when someone reads an article by you and likes your message they want more. When they want more they read more of your stuff. When they read more of your stuff they go from prospect to customer much faster.

Reason 4 – Consistency Builds Authority – One of the great advantages of being a prolific content creator is you have as much authority in your niche as the author of a traditional book without all the hoops and hassles.

Reason 5 – Consistency Extends Your Reach – The more content you have online the greater your reach into the market. The greater your reach the greater your influence and sales.

Reason 6 – Sought After – When you are consistent with your content you are sought after as one of the thought leaders of your niche. This leads to lots of opportunities from people who probably would not have found you otherwise.

Reason 7 – Greater Resources – The more content you create the greater resources you have for creating products and trainings for your community. And the more you do that the more people you serve and the more money you make with your content creation.

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