Coaching Lessons from Tripod the 3 Legged Dog – Online Biz Show Webisode 4

In today’s webisode, we talk about Menudo, one of our chihuahuas and what we’ve learned from him since his leg amputation.

How to coach people by giving them gentle guidance and letting them do all the “heavy lifting” themselves so they can empower themselves!

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Jeff Herring

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  • Hey Jeff and Maritza,

    I have learned so much from Mackie and Spencer (my schnauzers) about today, loyalty, communication, joy and love. Unconditional everything! Thanks for the update video. He is NOT thinking about his leg or operation. He is reveling in the joy of what he can do not what he can't do. That is what we should all be focused on daily. Love and Hugs to Both!

  • Hi! Great example! – Loved learning from Tripod. Thanks for sharing this. Great lesson. When we are caring people we think we need to do so much for others, but that is not making them strong.

  • Good to see you, Jeff, and to "meet" Maritza. Tripod was precious, the way he stared up at Maritza. Good thoughts. Thanks.

  • Felicia Slattery

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    Hey guys fun video!

    Who doesn't love kids & pets? Great marketing message. We have a 3-legged dog who lives in the house behind us. What's amazing is her ability to adapt. She just goes with the flow and plays all out as if nothing is different. Because it isn't. She's living, eating, playing & getting love. Just being.

    I agree with your message– if more people would just be and do what they want to do, all the other perceived limitations will melt away.

  • JoAnn Dahlkoetter

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    HI Jeff and Maritza –

    I'm loving every one of your Online Biz Show Webisodes. I am so grateful to you both, and I'm learning so much from both of you in our Social Marketing Blueprint course – absolutely the BEST course I've ever taken.

    Every morning, I wake up, I put my exercise mat out in front of my computer. Then I go to the members area of As I'm doing my sit-ups and push-ups and leg lifts, I watch another set of your amazing training videos. I get SO PUMPED up for my day, with your training videos!

    Then I finish my situps, I go to my computer, and I IMPLEMENT what you've taught me, right that moment, BEFORE I forget. Jeff, I write my article for Ezine Articles, Maritza, I design and film my next video, I call ONE OLYMPIAN per day, to set up my next interview.

    In short – I have GUTS – I GO USE THIS STUFF.
    I can't thank you guys enough. You're so giving and caring of all of us in your SMB course.

    I'm an SMBer for Life!

    JoAnn Dahlkoetter
    P.S. Thanks Maritza for joining my Fan Page at;

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