Celebrating Freedom From and Freedom To…

Here is the states we are celebrating Independence Day over the next few days.

Whether you live in the states or not, this is a great time for all of us to celebrate our many, many freedoms.

Each year at this time I offer my annual blog post about “Freedom From” and “Freedom To” written especially for internet entrepreneurs and anyone who dreams of the freedom to work and live the way they want.

So here is my “Freedom From & Freedom To” article for Independence Day 2009:

Freedom From

Freedom From – Living someone else’s dream. Many of the people that do the typical 9 to 5 day are living someone else’s dream. Even though they get a “paycheck” they are working for the benefit of someone else.

Freedom From – Boredom. Most internet entrepreneurs I know are like me. We do not handle boredom very well. That is definitely one of the advantages of this life style, as you are able to work on multiple projects that you created and enjoy.

Freedom From – Doom & Gloom. I’ve been on a bit of a “media diet” this year, and rarely watch the news or read the newspaper. There’s just too much negativity that brainwashes people to believe they cannot achieve their dreams. I figure if something really important happens someone will tell me.

Freedom To

Freedom To – Create not only the lifestyle you desire, but the kind of work you want to do. Creating new products and new adventures is so much fun. Remember creativity is simply looking at something that has always been there and seeing something that has never been seen before. And then taking action on it.

Freedom To – Simplify. So much of the internet has been made to seem so complicated. I love to take all the noise and boil it down to the simplest repeatable steps. I love teaching this to my students and members.

Freedom To – Inspire. One of the highlights of my day and what I do is seeing my listeners and students be inspired to Go Use This Stuff and build their own businesses, create their own successes and create their own freedoms.

I invite you to celebrate, appreciate, and exercise your freedoms…

Happy Independence Day 2009!

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  • And that is part of what I love about being an entrepreneur…the freedom.

    Fabulous…thanks for the post.


  • Freedom… we all want it… but it means so many different things to us all. Thanks, Jeff, for sharing your unique insights with us.

  • Phyl

    Reply Reply

    Enjoyed your Freedoms to and from, each of us can make our own list, but essentially it is the freedom to be yourself and to let others be themselves without criticism as long as no one hurts anyone else in the process.

  • Charles W Thomas Jr

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    Your annual freedom posts are always thought provoking Jeff. I appreciate your sharing because I get a least one new actionable idea. I feel more free after reading your post because it helped me create a new vision of my freedom from "stuff" and clutter in my environment and thinking. I am setting the intention to experience freedom from everything, relationship and belief that no longer serve me or others.

  • I am glad that I have the freedom to risk. I have done it over and over in my life and no matter what the outcome…there were always lessons learned…insights gained. It is a freedom I appreciate.

  • Stephanie Calahan

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    Jeff –
    Great post. I agree with what you said and you inspired me to write my own post http://www.productiveandorganized.net/2009/07/cel
    Have a happy and freedom-filled weekend and year!
    To your success
    Productive & Organized – We'll help you find your way! tm

  • May I add my own freedoms?

    Freedom to wake up (sorta) energized (after coffee) and raring to start the day doing something I love.
    Freedom to take a weekday off to spend it with the family or go into town for lunch with friends.
    Freedom to stay up for a 4am webinar knowing I can sleep in for two days to catch up. (Hey I’m not 21 any more.)
    Freedom to sit with my laptop on my lap (where else!) writing this while I watch the great tennis at Wimbledon.
    Freedom to be me!

    Happy Independence Day to you all.

    Aussie Kathy

  • Sherrie

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    Yes, freedom is something so many people take for granted. I am grateful each day for my freedom and for those who dedicate their lives to give us the opportunity to live in a free country. No matter our religious or political belief, each one of us needs to support our leadership and our military personnel. We can have a difference of opinion but still need to understand that the ability to express an opinion without death or severe punishment is a result of our forefathers visionary thinking and doing. Thanks.

  • My favorite line …

    "Remember creativity is simply looking at something that has always been there and seeing something that has never been seen before."

    A new idea (a new creation) is delicate. It can be stabbed to death by a sneer or a yawn. Entrepreneurs have the freedom to ignore a raised brow or a look of disgust or disdain – the freedom to experiment, grow, take risks, break rules, make mistakes, and have fun!

  • Great new site Jeff. Lots and lots of great content. Continue to love your stuff. This is well organized and easy to read. Can't wait to see you in Atlanta next week.

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