Can You Create Profitable Content? (Answer: YES!)

Whether you believe content is king, or queen, or whatever, it really doesn’t matter.

What matters is you finding a way to consistently create the one thing that drives everything online: content.

Now please don’t flash back to that boring English class where you had to write by certain stiff rules and get your paper handed back to you all marked up with a red pen.

NewsFlash: Your English teacher is not here. And if you’re as old as I am, he or she is probably dead 😉

I’m going to show you a couple of ideas that allow you to create conversational content that your prospects will want to gobble up…


Then here we go:

There are certain ways to create content that is irresistible to your prospects.

One of them is as simple as picking a topic, naming the top 3 big mistakes most people make around that topic, and then offering what to do instead in place of each mistake.

The psychology behind this kind of content is really powerful, because not checking out something about big mistakes in your area of interest is about as easy as not looking at a traffic accident as you drive by.

So I’d love for you to get started right now:

1) Make a list of 3 big mistakes around your topic
2) List what to do instead for each big mistake.
3) Create that content before your head hits the pillow tonight…

Sure I could make this harder for you, buy why?

And listen, if you like this idea, it’s one of 21 profitable blog post and articles ideas I’ve got for you that will help you crank out the content.

You can click on the graphic over there to your left to get your 21 ideas or you can simply click right here

Thanks, and catch ya next time…

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