Can You Consistently Profit with Facebook Live?

Finally! Simple ways to profit with Facebook Live!

First of all let’s define profit, just so we are all on the same page here.

I consider it a profit when one of two things happen online:

1) My list community grows,

2) Customers invest in my resources.

Of course the best profit is both.

Now, with that out of the way, let’s talk about a way to consistently profit with Facebook Live.

This tip flies under the “resistance radar” yet is responsible for growing my list community and making a profit on almost every Facebook Live cast I do.

The Introduction Tip

Here’s a sample of how I do it:

“Hi, my name is Jeff Herring, and I help online entrepreneurs just like you go further faster by unleashing, packaging, marketing and cashing in on your content. I’m the co-creator of the and I’m so glad you’ve joined us today!”

In that simple introduction you can mention a freebie to opt-in for or a resource to invest in. This works great for both!

Now that’s just one of 5 profit tips you’ll find in the Facebook Live Profits Checklist. You can claim your Free Instant Access right here.

Brough to you by Jeff Herring – helping online entrepreneurs go further faster!

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