Can You Build Your List with Content?

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What does content have to do with list building?

Well, only everything!

Mindset stuff

Now, before I put some hands and feet on the above statement, let’s take of a little mindset issue.

I very rarely use the word “list” and instead often use the phrase “list community.”


Because I don’t think of my list community as a “list” of email addresses, I think of them as a “community” with live hearts and live heads just like you and me.

The Formula

Okay, now with that out of the way, here’s a formula for building your list community with content:

C1 x C2 = AGARLC

Said differently, free content on a specific topic offered to interested prospects with the invitation to trade their email address for even more free content leads to a growing and responsive list community.

C1 – Offer a small piece of content in the form of a video, article, podcast, etc., that provides at least one gold nugget of immediately actionable information.

C2 – Then at the end of that small piece of content offer a good trade: more and deeper content on the same subject in exchange for an email address so that you can continue to help and serve.

AGARLC – A Growing And Responsive List Community

When you consistently lead with helpful content, then give prospects more helpful content in exchange for their email address, then follow up with resources and offerings to help them achieve success, two very powerful things happen:

1) Your list community grows and continues to grow, and

2) The members of your list community are very responsive to your offerings and buy your stuff because they are already convinced you are going to help them.

The Formula, Part 2

Now if you want to go deeper into this formula and system, I’ve created a brand new ebook for you called:

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