Article Marketing Guy Presents a Few Thoughts on Blogging & Freedom

My computer beat me at checkers, but I sure beat it at kickboxing.”
~ Emo Philips

The above quote, while funny, was probably thought up by someone trying to build a web site.

I remember when I first started back in the late 90’s. Junk programs that did not work. Very frustrating.

My first revolution came when my first internet mentor Tom Antion, taught me how to use Microsoft Frontpage. Tom has the gift of making the complicated simple, and Frontpage was simple. It made sense. I could do it. Built many, many websites and web pages with Frontpage.

Then I made the mistake of allowing a business partner to talk me into learning DreamWeaver for a project we were working on.

Big mistake. Almost killed us both.

So I went back to Frontpage, because is was easy and it worked.

Along Came Blogging

My first blog was built in Blogger. Simple, but limited. Then I moved on to Typepad. Better, but a bit more complicated.

Then I was introduced to Word Press.  And I haven’t looked back since.

In fact, we build almost everything know in Word Press. That is, my team does, even though I know how. It’s cool to have someone else build it and just add the content and strategies.

But because it is both so simple and powerful, I can build new sites from the ground up. Not in weeks. Not in days. Not even in hours. In minutes…

So that is why we are so excited to bring you an opportunity to bring you someone who is  the Queen of Word Press – Christina Hills! If you like this blog, it is because of what we learned from Christina.

Maritza and I will be interviewing her this week on Thursday March 10th at 3 pm EST. Click here to register now for this free call! Even if you know you cannot make the time on Thursday, register anyway, so we can send you the link to the Audio Replay.

If you can press buttons and type, you can build your own web site with Christina Hills’ Website Creation Workshop. Fire your slow web master! Get the Control and Freedom that comes with being able to build, manage and promote your own prospect and profit pulling web site!

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